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EDISON Scale research report - Update: artec technologies AG >> New strategy is beginning...

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Workshops, individual training

artec technologies AG offers its customers and other interested parties a variety of workshops and trainings. In those, the participants are not only provided with extensive expert knowledge about our MULTIEYE products and system solutions, but are also offered a wide selection of instruction on topics in the areas of IP/CCTV as well.

Our service offers you: individual instruction in Diepholz or on site at your location.

>> Dates available upon request: please contact our service team at sales@artec.de


MULTIEYE Basic Workshop

After participating in this workshop, you will be able to put your own MULTIEYE projects into effect. You will install the MULTIEYE software on your notebook, configure it, and start operating with it. This applies to client software as well. The workshop provides basic knowledge of the MULTIEYE range of products and their system solutions, and is a prerequisite for earning the MULTIEYE Certified Partnership.

Target group: technicians, service staff, technical sales, administrators, project managers, pre-sales

Duration: 2 days


MULTIEYE Advanced Workshop

In our advanced workshops, you achieve advanced know-how about the MULTIEYE software, recorder, and modules. You will install and configure MULTIEYE components such as VideoCenter III; remote query tools; PrivacyShield; DataLog; the backup module, etc. Participants experience an extensive transfer of know-how and are then in the position to independently provide support at the first and second levels of support. Successful participation in a basics workshop is a prerequisite for the advanced workshops.

Target group: technicians, service staff, technical sales, administrators, project managers, pre-sales

Duration: 1 day


MULTIEYE Solutions Workshop

The primary focus of this workshop is upon solutions/applications. Configuration and the use of applications with the VideoCenter III, DataLog, VideoAnalysis, EventManager, PeopleCounter, PrivacyShield or licence plate identification are analyzed at length. In addition, participants can present their own projects in the workshop and seek group solutions together with our technology and software developers.

Target group: technicians, service staff, technical sales, project managers, software developers

Duration: 2 days


MULTIEYE Refresh Workshop

This workshop provides a refresher course in MULTIEYE expertise as well as presenting new features of MULTIEYE products and applications. This workshop takes place once a year, and although participation in it is not obligatory, it is highly recommended.

Target group: technicians, service staff, technical sales, administrators, project managers, pre-sales

Duration: 1 days




Two-day MULTIEYE Basics Workshop

Price: 400 € per person 


Single day MULTIEYE Advanced Workshop

Price: 200 € per person


All prices exclude 19% VAT

MULTIEYE Workshop registration form and conditions of participation

Registration form
27. November 2017
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Workshop information

Workshop Information 2018
27. November 2017
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