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If I get additional licences for my DVR Kit with the one IP-channel, does this channel still remain functional?

No, since this IP-channel of the DVR Kit is a DEMO-channel, it will extend as soon as you add another IP-4.

Is it possible to convert already applied analog licences (EX-L4) afterwards into IP-4-licences (and reverse)?

No, due to licence- and copyright technical reasons this is not possible.

All of a sudden MULTIEYE asks for licences, although the system has always worked before

Check, if the hardware where the licence is based on is still existing.


- Dongle removed?

- Grabbercard fallen out?

- You can make this inspection in the fourth register “hardware” of MULTIEYE-services. To get to this service in spite of missing licences, klick on „cancel“.

Keygenerator notifies me that the activation key is invalid

Usually in this case, the activation key was already used. In case of doubt, please contact our support, to check the activation key.

I only have seven fields for the eight-field licence code

Update your MULTIEYE-Hybrid to a newly version. The licence code was extended from 56 to 64 Byte beginning with version



The MultiPlayer/NetworkPlayer does not show all the videos in the lists

Check, if the videos are physically present on your harddrive. If they are in different folder, you can arrange a reorganisation through the ringstorage manager by restarting MULTIEYE. Thereafter all the videos will be listed in MultiPlayer/NetworkPlayer.

The system does not record, but I can see the live views

Do you have an Enterprise system / Kit with Realtime-cards? Check in the Windows-hardware manager, if one of the DVR-Devices named „MEYE8200 Encoder“ is tagged with a yellow exclamation mark.

In this case, there is a damage with one of the Realtime cards. Please contact your retailer or our support for RMA-handling.



I am using an IP camera with PTZ control, but I am not able to control it

  • Ensure, that you have enabled the point “PTZ control” in the camera configuration dialogue


I am using a PTZ-camera, but this cannot be controlled with the arrows or the PTZ control panel.

  • Ensure, that you have selected the lens type “Normal” in the image settings
  • Select the lens type “ImmerVision” only, when you are using a static camera provided with the panomorphic 360° lens type of “ImmerVision”


My system has been instable since the inclusion of ACTi-cameras or –encoders

The set FPS within MULTIEYE® has to be compatible to the possible values of the camera/encoder.

  • Supported FPS values are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 12 and 25 FPS
  • Recommended are values of 8 or 12 FPS
I want to connect a network camera, but its camera profile is not available.

1. When the manufacturer is already implemented, your should try to use a profile of a different model of the same manufacturer. In many cases this leads to success.

2. When you know the streaming path of the camera, you should select the custom profile and enter the streaming path directly in the field own parameters.

3. You can charge artec technologies AG to make an fee required implementation of the desired camera.

How many cameras from the manufacturer ACTi® can be used on one MULTIEYE®-Server?

Depending on technical reasons a maximum of 16 cameras should be used on one system. Additional cameras from other manufacturers can be implemented within the realms of the capacity of the servers.

I use cameras from the manufacturer ACTi®, but my system is instable or is overloaded.

Take care, that you have set the desired framerate to a minimum of two FPS. Some models are running in combination with MULTIEYE® instable and deliver faulty image information, which could affect your server.

I’ve set the desired framerate to e.g. three FPS, but obviously my server receives much more frames

Take care, that you set the same framerate on the webinterface of the camera to the same value, you’re using within MULTIEYE®

What is the access data for the following manufacturer?


- User: root

- Password: system



- User: admin

- Password: meinsm



- User: admin

- Password: 9999



- User: Admin

- Password: 123456



- User:  root

- Password: ikwb

Hint: to load the administration page:

IP-adr/admin.htm oder IP-adr/admin.html


Arecont Vision

- User: admin

- Password: at delivery state no password



- User: root

- Passswort: will be set by the user



- User: admin

- Password: admin



- User:  will be set by the user

- Password: will be set by the user

I entered the correct IP-address in the configuration but I can’t get a picture.

Did you choose the appropriate profile?

Did you enter the user and password?

For ACTi CAM and SED series: Did you indicate the port 6002?

I entered all the necessary parameters for my IP-camera and still receive the message that a "HD-licence“ is required.

Do you use an IP-camera with more than 1.3 MPx resolution?

Do you have the necessary server licence with „IP-HD“?

Do you get the necessary IP-HD Licence from your retailer


Reduce the resolution of your camera to smaller or equal 1.3 MPx (e.g. <= 1280*1024 or with IQeye to resolution 2 or 4)




  • Due to long-termed use, video drives can begin to be strongly fragmented after a while (time varies). Because of this, it is recommended to format these drives with a cluster size of 64kB. So the fragmentation is reduced and the drives are not slowed down because of their fragmentation.
    The format with 64kB cluster size can be done via the hard drive management, which can be reached via the computer administration console.
  • When your assign cameras to a new drive within MULTIEYE®, the previous recorded videos stay on the drives which were called “Used by system”.
    These data reduce the maximum capacity of the existing drive by the amount of the old videos.




Beware, that the AutoBackup module is not provided with a ringstorage management. This means, that you have to provide enough space for the backup function by manual adjustment. If the maximum capacity is reached, you will be informed by the MULTIEYE® internal messaging system and the backup process will be stopped.

3rd party player software



When you want to use an external tool for playback we recommend the “Video Lan Client VLC”. This player can playback any formats without codec problems. The software can be downloaded from http://www.videolan.org/vlc/



Two different HotSpots exist

  • Software based (HotSpot-window in the software)
    - MultiScreen
       · Within MultiScreen only one image source (analogue or IP) can be switched into the HotSpot-Window at the same time. This window is unique.
    - VideoCenter II
       · In the unique HotSpot-window of VideoCenter II can be shown up to 16 eventcameras at the same time
  • Hardware based (Analogue video output)
    - 425 to 32100 (e.g. Business)
       · Only one video input can be switched to the video output at the same time
    - MP8200 (e.g. Enterprise)
       · For each eight channels one separate card is used. Each of these cards can output one of the containing channels at the same time. This means also, that you will have four independent video outputs for each eight cannels.
    - A combination of multiple video inputs to one video output is not possible.
  • You can only put out analogue video inputs. Switching IP cameras to the video output is not possible.
  • Software based HotSpot windows cannot be put out via the video cards.



I am looking for supplier/information/miscellaneous for rims from Artec.

This company deals with Streaming Media and Video Security and doesn’t have to do anything with the rims manufacturer Artec. Please visit the website www.artec-gmbh.de