Numerous simultaneous user queries

Live cameras and recordings can be accessed by numerous users at the same time.

  • Low performance load for the recorder + cost saving as no additional media server is necessary.
Automatic bandwidth optimization

Different video resolution and corresponding bandwidths are bundled in one stream.

  • Optimal image quality without manual settings necessary.
Storage capacity optimization

24h permanent recording in VHS quality with 25fps only need 10GB storage capacity.

  • Low memory requirements lowers hardware costs.
HD-SDI model availableHD-SDI signals of e.g. HDcctv cameras optionally supported.
Live image commenting through bookmarks

Headlines and comments can be added to events through bookmarks.

  • Easy, efficient search for individual comments/videos.
Ultra fast search for events

Via calendar, bookmark and storyboard function events can be found quickly and videos can be replayed to the second.

  • Time-saving search.
Storyboard function with setting starting/end point

Chronologically structured image sequence of the recording.

  • Video clips can easily and efficiently be created.
Automatic transcoding of video clips

Transcoding into clip formats like Flash, Quicktime, H.264, 3G.

  • Automation means saving time.
Remote configuration and query with standard browsers

Supports browsers like Explorer, Firefox, pera, Safari. User interface and administration may be used from anywhere without installing ActiveX.

  • No installation of special software, enables operation in secure networks.
Individually configurable user interface

Control elements can be arranged via drag & drop by the user.

  • High user-friendliness and efficiency.