Video security / documentation

XentauriX®-Broadcast Logger system XBL for highly professional video surveillance

Our technology in the broadcast industry is predestined for highly professional tasks in the video security area and/or for video documentation. Especially if remote query via network/internet with low bandwidth and a maximum quality is demanded for the broadcast and recording of several cameras in HD quality with or without audio (in HiFi quality, lip sync).

Use for video surveillance and as video evidence

Possible fields of application of the XENTAURIX video system for surveillance and compliance can be found where conventional video surveillance systems reach their limits and whereVideo documentation in multiscreen, to maintain security at events, transport, urban observation, video security

  • realtime transfer in TV quality
  • synchroneous audio in HiFi
  • low bandwidth load
  • numerous simultaneous users
  • live image commenting

is demanded, e.g. for the surveillance of big events or the city center and traffic suprvision.

The camera images of the analog cameras are transfered and stored in the Windows Media format. The storage capacity of 13GB per channel and day for a 24h realtime application in D1 format is very low.

The live and on-demand query can be carried out automatically or manually with 300k or 1Mbit/s depending on the available bandwidth.

The basic system offers 4 analog video and audio inputs with a format of 720x576 pixels. Upgrdades to 200+ channels are possible.

Bookmarks with comments can be set during live view and replay to mark events. With the integrated search engine bookmarks can be found quickly and efficiently to start videos to the second. Video clips are easily editable. Through the integrated storyboard function or via time entry in the calendar start and end points can easily be set. With an additional option videoclips can be automatically transcoded to customer-specific video formats like H.264, G3 and Flash.

The system is based on Microsoft® Silverlight®. For remote query and configuration every conventional browser with Silverlight® plug-in may be used. The operation is very easy and well-structured and the interface can be designed individually.

As an alternative to analog inputs, the system can also process HD-SDI signals with up to 1080p and therefore offers High Definition quality for live display and recordings.

Special features

Numerous simultaneous user queries

Live cameras and recordings can be accessed by numerous users at the same time.

  • Low performance load for the recorder + cost saving as no additional media server is necessary.
Automatic bandwidth optimization

Different video resolution and corresponding bandwidths are bundled in one stream.

  • Optimal image quality without manual settings necessary.
Storage capacity optimization

24h permanent recording in VHS quality with 25fps only need 10GB storage capacity.

  • Low memory requirements lowers hardware costs.
HD-SDI model availableHD-SDI signals of e.g. HDcctv cameras optionally supported.
Live image commenting through bookmarks

Headlines and comments can be added to events through bookmarks.

  • Easy, efficient search for individual comments/videos.
Ultra fast search for events

Via calendar, bookmark and storyboard function events can be found quickly and videos can be replayed to the second.

  • Time-saving search.
Storyboard function with setting starting/end point

Chronologically structured image sequence of the recording.

  • Video clips can easily and efficiently be created.
Automatic transcoding of video clips

Transcoding into clip formats like Flash, Quicktime, H.264, 3G.

  • Automation means saving time.
Remote configuration and query with standard browsers

Supports browsers like Explorer, Firefox, pera, Safari. User interface and administration may be used from anywhere without installing ActiveX.

  • No installation of special software, enables operation in secure networks.
Individually configurable user interface

Control elements can be arranged via drag & drop by the user.

  • High user-friendliness and efficiency.