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EDISON Scale research report - Update: artec technologies AG >> New strategy is beginning...

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Online TV Search Engine

Based on the XBL-Broadcast Logger, the online video search engine with the brand name VideoSnooper® is a network-based multichannel TV long-term recorder with integrated speech recognition. Queries are carried out through a user interface designed for that purpose. By means of full-text search, broadcast content can be found and played back with split-second accuracy.

Integrated speech recognition and/or subtitling

Integrated speech recognition converts all spoken words automatically – independent of the speaker. A time marker is added to every identified word. In that way, the transcribed broadcasts are synchronized for replay. A search can be carried out in subtitles as well, although the search results are quite limited in such cases. Few TV stations use subtitles, which even then may be quite limited and, in many cases, do not truly match the speaker’s text.

Integrated search engine

If TV and radio broadcasts are to be found depending on specific criteria, the search is conducted on the basis of the spoken word or word combination. Upon entry of key words such as “Denver” or “Anderson” text excerpts are displayed of all broadcasts in which the word/word combination was recognized. Through these text excerpts, you can immediately recognize if the word/word combination has been recognized correctly and the text context is relevant to your search. With a click of the mouse, the video can be directly streamed to replay.

Long-term research

Depending on the configuration of the TV search engine, research can be conducted over a long period of time – i.e. over months or even years. Even the number of TV and radio channels can be determined by the customer. As a result, the TV search engine is a kind of “Google for TV and Radio” and, as such, is deployed as a research system by TV/radio monitoring companies as well as by businesses and institutions.