TV Analysis with Audience Rating

For the analysis of TV program contents in combination with audience ratings the XENTAURIX broadcast logger system is a powerful tool for marketing, media, commercial and broadcast companies. The program analysis is based on audience ratings, provided by AGF/GfK or Nielsen. These data are processed in the logger system. 

Comparing numerous TV channels

With the XENTAURIX module “X-Rating“ the audience ratings of different TV stations can be compared. One TV station can be selected as reference. In addition to the TV rating diagram there are modules available for TV viewers walk and audience segmentation. The number of TV stations is only limited by the clarity of the diagrams.

Graphical interfaces

The graphic elements of the user interface may be arranged customer-specific. In addition to the diagrams concerning the audience ratings and their metadata (EPG, as-run-logs), replay windows, storyboard and calendar may be added. 

Storing the data

The data of the audience ratings and as-run-logs can be saved in the ring-storage of the TV recordings.

Creating reports and clips

The display may be exported as PDF or JPEG.

Multiscreen replay

With the multiscreen display a simultaneous replay of several selectable TV stations is possible. With this tool you can analyze what was broadcasted when on different stations.

The interface is freely arranged and numerous TV channels can be combined in a multiscreen and saved user-dependent.

For further information on TV program analysis with audience ratings please click here.