EDISON Scale research report - Update: New strategy is beginning to deliver

EDISON Scale research report - Update: artec technologies AG >> New strategy is beginning...

Media companies use artificial intelligence to lift their data treasures from TV, Internet: artec technologies AG shows how to do it at the IBC2018 in Amsterdam

DIEPHOLZ / BREMEN – Germany -- artec turns video/audio data into "Smart Media". This is...

XENTAURIX Artificial Intelligence (AI) turns your video media into “Smart Media”!

Diepholz/Bremen – 19. July 2018: artec technologies advances the XENTAURIX Artificial Intelligence...

Online Personal Video Recorder

Online personal video recorder with integrated search engine: record and stream tv programs directlyOnline Personal Video Recorders (PVR) are network / internet-based video recorders with which users can use their common browsers to call up, select, and program TV broadcasts via EPG program data. Usually, the resulting clip is available as a download after recording. With the XBL-Broadcast Logger and a special PVR user interface, the XENTAURIX platform also provides even more comfortable functions.

The recorded broadcasts can be streamed directly from the logger system: there are no delays while waiting for a download. Just as with the playback of clips, the playback of a streamed selection can be paused and then fast-forwarded and/or rewound via the slider. In addition, video clips can be created which are then stored in the clip folder and can likewise be streamed directly or downloaded. Further, the clips can be given individual bookmarks for the metadata archive.

Integrated Search Engine

By means of full-text scan, the metadata (EPG, subtitles, bookmarks, and in certain cases even speech-recognition texts) of stored broadcasts and video clips can be filtered, located, and immediately played back.

Multichannel Long-Term Video Recorder

The online video recorder PVR functions through common browsers via LAN / WAN / Internet. The online video recorder is a multichannel, long-term video recorder which, depending on its configuration, can record a five- or even six-digit number of hours. Just as with a digital recorder, the TV channel is automatically tuned by the integrated receiver. Through expansion options, the recorder can also record different broadcasts simultaneously. Integrated ring-storage maintains all recordings in the latent memory for a predetermined period of time (as a rule, several months). Subsequently, the oldest day recorded is always replaced by the recordings from the most recent day (fifo principle). Clips are stored in the clip archive and are not overwritten.

Video Quality and Multibit-streaming

The recording video quality for each channel can be converted from standard to HD resolution if a customer wishes. In such cases, multibit-streaming enables the call-up of TV broadcasts even over limited bandwidth.