Media Monitoring and logging in a network

TV, radio, video, webcam recording and filing around the clock

TV and radio stations or webcams can be recorded around the clock with evidence notice and filing.You would like to record TV and/or radio stations, video and/or web cameras of your choice around the clock or according to certain time parameters e.g., for broadcast confirmation, filing, construction of a knowledge base or for media analysis.


With our media and monitoring service, you have a run-ready system at your disposal. With that, you can record the TV and/or radio stations, video cameras of your choice around the clock during the time period which you have chosen (e.g. for 90 days). You can predetermine recording quality. Querying and processing the recordings is done via the Internet with a standard browser. Both analog and digital input signals such SDI SD/HD, DVB-S/C/T, FM/AM-Radio, RGB can be processed. Optionally, corresponding metadata such as EPG, as-run-logs, subtitles or individual comments can be recorded along with the videos.

Easy search of TV broadcasts via keywords

Via keywords, broadcasts from certain or all channels can be found and played back in split seconds. Creating and storing video clips of broadcasts is very clear and easy. The service can be combined with a DVD production system, e.g. to automatically edit live broadcasts or for long-term archiving.

The system is hosted in the MDSC. You simply rent the service you want and need.

Your advantages

  • You do not need your own software and hardware
  • You can administer all recordings yourself
  • The number of channels is unlimited
  • Multistream compatibility (a stream e.g. with 250k, 800k, 1,5M)
  • Multi-channel audio compatibity
  • Playback and administration via standard web browsers without plug-ins or via set-top box
  • Integrated video search machine
  • Easy generation of clips; transcoding in formats like 3G possible
  • Adaptable DVD live-broadcast editing service or archiving systems


Implementation of the application takes place through the XAS application server. The server contains all the modules needed to implement an individual streaming media/IPTV solution for several hundred parallel streams in an intranet or on the Internet. For the setup of highly frequented Internet platforms, we recommend utilizing X-Media servers or the integration of XAS into an existing broadband media network with allocated streaming media and cashing servers and load balancing systems. Artec technologies inc has direct access to Europe's largest content delivery network and offers you run-ready solutions - also in the form of hosted applications in our MDSC (media data and service center) in Dresden.