HD Video Systems with HiFi Audio Quality

HD video and audio recording of important events, speeches, meetings, trainings, workshops There are applications that - in addition to excellent video quality - require HiFi audio quality e.g. for the operation in training, further education and medical areas, conferences ar as AV evidence system in control rooms and command centres.

Video systems for the surveillance area

For IP-video systems for surveillance purposes cameras with integrated microphones are available. However, these are not suitable for a high voice quality. Ideal results are achieved with external condensator directional microphones and pre-amplifier which run parallel to the video camera and are connected the IP cameras' audio inputs. In many cases wireless microphones are used. For the HD-SDI video surveillance systems and their follower HD-CVI/-TVI the audio inputs are in the recorders. Apart from a few exceptions the audio frequency range is limited for all systems and only possible in mono operation. Pure audio recordings are not possible.Professional HD-SDI video systems can be integrated into a video signal (e.g. from an HD-SDI camera) via audio/SDI converter with up to 16 audio signals with up to 48kHz each. Video and audio are transmitted are recorded lip-sync. For live and playback the according audio channels for each camera can be selected. With our XENTAURIX EvidenceRecorder numerous applications are realised.

Professional video and audio recording: live streams + playback streams to different devices

The EvidenceRecorder is a multi-channel, multi-source video/audio recording system which processes different signal sources such as IP-video/audio, HD-SDI, HDMI/DVI, analog AV in one device. Pure audio recordings are possible. Live and playback streams are synchronously retrievable by different end devices such as PCs, smartphones, tablets, (IOS, Android, Windows based) by numerous members. A special app or software is not required. EvidenceRecorder provides you with professional video and audio recording and live streams of meetings, trainings, seminars or other important events.