XentauriX Extensions for Broadcasters

Numerous modules and extensions are available to customize our XBL-Broadcaster systems according to your needs. All XBL-Broadcaster products can be equipped with integrated DVB-S/C/T- or AM/FM-receivers. HD-SDI, DVI/HDMI, ASI, Analog or IP-video inputs are also available.

Expansion Anytime

The XBL-Broadcasters can be extended by additional channels or more Broadcaster Subunits can be added to the system. XBL-Broadcasters come with 4 or 8 slots for removable hard disks. Hence, an expansion of the recording capacity is possible internally as well as by adding external NAS Storage.  

Safe Investment

TV- and Media Broadcast Stations use the XBL-Broadcaster for legal compliance recording as well as for clip production for their VoD media services. With X-Producer we offer frame accurate editing, even including jog shuttle capabilities. Additionally, XentauriX is used for viewers share ratings analysis by employing the X-Rating Monitor Module. This is how XentauriX helps making money of your assets in various departments and applications by repurposing content at minimal investment.


The X-VALD Module supervises inputs streams and alerts at video and audio distortions or loss. The X-Loudness Module controls and records audio levels according to EBU rules. Teletext, subtitles, etc.

The overview on modules and extensions is here: