BroadcastLogger Professional

XBL-Broadcaster Professional 

The XBL-BroadcastLogger is a professional system for network-based digital recording, streaming and retrieval of different TV, video and audio content as well as metadata. Originally designed as video logger for compliance recording, the BroadcastLogger has meanwhile risen far beyond this application. It is used as a multi-source / multi-channel encoding, transcoding, recording and streaming system for numerous applications such as

  • TV/radio compliance for broadcast
  • TV recording, editorial research, clip production
  • Monitoring of the competitive TV landscape, TV ratings analysis
  • IPTV/OTT applications for closed user groups
  • Training and further education
  • Activity recording in control centres, command centres, video, audio, monitor screen, keyboard logging
  • Video security  

XBL-Professional Draft

Special features of the XBL-BroadcastLogger are the groundbreaking user-friendliness, high flexibility and multifunctionality.

Expandable as required

The XBL-BroadcastLogger Professional consists of an XBL-Masterunit and several XBL-Subunits. The XBL-Masterunit manages and controls the entire system with all connected XBL-Subunits and includes the user and content management, the database, streaming and web servers. Depending on the version, the system can simultaneously process and record an unlimited number of TV and radio stations as well as video streams in different qualities for weeks and months up to years (loop recording).


For further details and contents of delivery please see the fact sheet.


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