Broadcaster Logger TS

Multi Source Stream Recorder

The XBL-TS Broadcaster is used for recording and distribution of Hi-Res media transport streams. It is capable of recording MPTS and/or SPTS from signal sources such as DVB-S/C/T, ASI and ASI-IP in MPEG2 or H.264 format. This Multi Source Streaming Recorder has no limitations to the number of channels or users. Source types can be mixed and matched to automatically annotated meta data as well as any other data such as manual entries or descriptive data from other systems, e.g. viewers share ratings, as-run-logs, archive descriptions.

Integrated Proxy

Lo-Res Clips are automatically created while recording the media. Those can be used for browsing, research, and for generating new assemblies of video clips by using our X-Editor function. Bookmarks and meta data can be added on the fly. The Active Directory Integration is part of the basic system. Edit results can be saved and distributed as files, SPTS or MPTS streams or played out to disc. Furthermore scheduled recording and Lo-Res Proxy streams are part of the basic functionality.

Easy to operate

The XBL-TS Broadcaster’s outstanding strength is the flexibility of the GUI layout. Any number of different layouts, from simple single channel monitoring up to full multi channel analysis, can be arranged individually and saved per user, including extensive access rights and user group management. It does not matter if several channels need to be monitored or searched in sync, or if versions of a program stretching over many weeks on a single channel need to be compared. Time shift and realtime can be combined for any need.


The XBL-TS Broadcaster can be equipped with plug-in DVB receiver cards (S/C/T) for easier input access and configuration.

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