EDISON Scale research report - Update: New strategy is beginning to deliver

EDISON Scale research report - Update: artec technologies AG >> New strategy is beginning...

Media companies use artificial intelligence to lift their data treasures from TV, Internet: artec technologies AG shows how to do it at the IBC2018 in Amsterdam

DIEPHOLZ / BREMEN – Germany -- artec turns video/audio data into "Smart Media". This is...

XENTAURIX Artificial Intelligence (AI) turns your video media into “Smart Media”!

Diepholz/Bremen – 19. July 2018: artec technologies advances the XENTAURIX Artificial Intelligence...

XentauriX, TV / Radio Recording

Analyze Media Content

Highly effective tools for broadcasters: compliance recording and quota analysis

Platform for Education and Training

Spread teaching and learning content, archive and forward knowledge or train special situations with our systems

Media Monitoring

Our media monitoring tools watch, research and analyze your competitors

Record and Evaluate Events

Monitor, save and assess the course of events

Individual and Personal TV

Where, when and whatever: enjoy TV content independent from time and place

XENTAURIX BroadcastLogger: professional system for recording, storing + playback of radio/TV/Video.

Broadcast, TV, Radio, Network

TV / Radio Compliance Recording

The XENTAURIX BroadcastLogger reliably and automatically records the signals of TV and radio stations. These recordings comply with all legal standards. In addition to audio and video the system also stores meta data like EPG, subtitles, texts and a lot more.

TV / Radio Recording

All automatically recorded broadcasts can be searched for with criteria like search word, calendar, meta data of any kind or with the slider fast-forward or rewind, can be replayed, cut, commented and forwarded via network - on mobile devices as well.

TV Quota Analysis

With the XENTAURIX RatingAnalyzer audience share, audience groups or audience flow are easily analyzed. Broadcasts and advertising can be efficiently analyzed and optimized.

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XENTAURIX Multi channel teaching recorder, lesson recording of training and education, easy handling

Education and Training

Record Teaching and Learning Content

The XENTAURIX EvidenceRecorder System is ideal for the recording and transmission of audiovisual information for training and education in universities, public institutions and commercial companies. The XENTAURIX EvidenceRecorder is optimal for events.

Access learning content

The recorded videos in the XENTAURIX Education System (training sequences, instructional films, simulations, etc.) can be retrieved anytime and anywhere by authorized persons. The multitude of available channels quarantees for a high number of parallel queries.

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Effective monitoring of competitive media activities. Quick analysis of competitors and your own ads

Media evaluation

Competition Monitoring

XENTAURIX MediaMonitoring allows for a fast and effective monitoring, evaluation and analysis of your competitors' media activities in TV and radio. You can develop your own markeing activities on this basis. Even a trade-specific research may be activated and spoken information via speech recognition can be integrated.

Analyse Advertising

Do not leave it to chance whether your advertising is successful: XENTAURIX MediaMonitoring will show you when and how the audience react to your commercial. You can create more effective commercials and use your marketing budget purposeful.

Cloud Service

Our XENTAURIX TV-Monitoring-Service is a service which was developed especially for media companies, press offices, news agencies, marketing companies and advertising agencies. This allows for a comfortable, time-saving search for TV broadcasts and the individual editing of your own clips from these contents.

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XENTAURIX Video Security. Surveillance System for streaming and transmitting of events in real-time.


Transmit Events

XENTAURIX Surveillance Systems can do more than common video surveillance systems: they stream picture and sound of live events in TV quality and in real-time, mit several bandwidths and simultaneously to many users, even with live commentary if desired.

Record Events

All video signals are stored in maximum video quality with or without audio and are directly accessible for compliance and research purposes - worldwide and anytime on standard PCs.

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XENTAURIX Mobile TV / Video: Worldwide stream, access to individual clips. OTT direct transmission.

IP-Video / OTT / Mobile TV

With XENTAURIX StreamToGo you can remotely access customer-specific TV stations - live or time-shifted, accessible with all common end devices. You can also access individually created video clips anytime (VIP-TV). Finding specific content is very easy through search words or subtitles. With the timeshifter you can directly switch from live to timeshift/replay mode. Depending on the storage capacity of the StreamToGo system per channel several months of program with all EPG, and subtitle data as well as bookmarks can be stored and retrieved worldwide.

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Integrated receiver in XENTAURIX broadcast logger system. Encoding + recording. Up to 40 SD-channels

Exclusively for XENTAURIX

Integrated Receiver

XENTAURIX XBL BroadcastLogger Systems use integrated receivers on inlet cards. This saves space, cabling effort and increases industrial safety.

5-fold performance and mixed operation

In the past XBL-Standard and Subunit Servers where limited to 8 SD- and 2 HD-channels for encoding and recording. Now up to 40 SD-channels or up to 20/10 HD-channels can be processed on one device. This saves space and reduces the price per channel as well as the power consumption. One device can process IP together with SDI, DVB or analog input signals.

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