EDISON Scale research report - Update: New strategy is beginning to deliver

EDISON Scale research report - Update: artec technologies AG >> New strategy is beginning...

Media companies use artificial intelligence to lift their data treasures from TV, Internet: artec technologies AG shows how to do it at the IBC2018 in Amsterdam

DIEPHOLZ / BREMEN – Germany -- artec turns video/audio data into "Smart Media". This is...

XENTAURIX Artificial Intelligence (AI) turns your video media into “Smart Media”!

Diepholz/Bremen – 19. July 2018: artec technologies advances the XENTAURIX Artificial Intelligence...

MULTIEYE IP Video Surveillance


Our recorders are available as Network Video Recorders (NVR), Hybrid Video Recorders (HVR) with analog and IP video channels or as Digital Video Recorders (DVR) with analog video inputs.

MULTIEYE Video Management Software 

For creating highly professional, PC-based network video recorders (NVR) with 4-32 video inputs.

Video Center III, video surveillance software and station for querying up to 32 MULTIEYE video recorders. Presentation of videos on up to 8 monitors simultaneously. For monitoring and recording with central playback.

Video Monitoring Center

MULTIEYE VideoCenter III sitemap-based as station or software for the query of up to 32 MULTIEYE recorders and display on up to 8 video. Control center functionality.

Software for people counting in retail. Counting of people and objects in up to 10 zones per camera detection range. Visitor counter and customer counter. Use analysis result in marketing strategy planning, purchasing and for optimized placement of staff.

Counting People & Objects

MULTIEYE PeopleCounter software module for counting people and objects with up to 10 counting areas per camera.

car number plate recognition ANPR, surveillance, license plate recognition, license plate reader

Number plate recognition

MULTIEYE ANPR software module for the recognition and analysis of number plates with up to 8 lanes per recorder/system.

PrivacyShield: video surveillance compliant with data privacy, data protection

Privacy-Protected Video Surveillance

MULTIEYE PrivacyShield software module for privacy-protected video surveillance through anonymization of people.


Universal Interface for Third-Party Systems

MULTIEYE DataLog software module for the registration, fade-in, storing and analysis of data from cash registers, scanners, access control systems, measuring devices etc. via RS232 or TCP.

Software and system for biometric face recognition in real-time, facial recognition program offline

High Performance Face Recognition

MULTIEYE-Face software module and systems for biometric real-time facial recognition and offline detection. Simultaneous detection of a plurality of faces with up to 120 fps.

Intelligent IP Video Surveillance for shopping centers / malls with video analysis, meets the high demands of a real-time alarm detection.

Intelligent Video Analytics

The intelligent IP-video surveillance is one of the most effective possibilities for the operation of a video surveillance system. The functions are versatile and applicable on nearly all applications and vertical markets.

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MULTIEYE System Accessories: http://shop.artec.de/2/cat-175.html