MULTIEYE VCA Video Analytics

MULTIEYE Video analysis detects smoke development in buildings and on external surfaces and gives alert / triggers the alarm.
Smoke detection
MULTIEYE Video surveillance monitors and finds free parking spaces / parking lots.
Detection of vacant parking space
MULTIEYE Video analysis. Intelligent video surveillance for securing and protection of buildings, outer surfaces / outdoor areas and open land.
Protecting premises

"Recognize - Analyze - React"

The utilizability and performance of the MULTIEYE video systems are massively increades by the broad range of MULTIEYE VCA Video Analytics Modules. This makes MULTIEYE a highly effective monitoring and recording systemfor security and business intelligence applications and offers unequaled opportunities.

Event-related alarm

MULTIEYE systems with VCA Video Analytics increase the security staff's productivity, minimize false alarms, reduce information transfer data, or signal undershooting or overshooting of a threshold value. With 27 different analytics functions you will find the right tool which meets your needs.

Application-specific packages for monitoring of traffic, cash machines /ATMs, object tracking and more

In addition to the modules there are application-specific packages consisting of a combination of tools, e.g. for car park and traffic surveillance, object tracking, ATM / cash machine monitoring and more.

Our VCA Video Analytics Modules are mainly used for

  • Entrance control of persons or vehicle into secured areas
  • Counting persons and objects
  • Queue management, Optimierung der Personaleinsatzplanung 
  • Counting customers: Analysis of frequency and creating movement profiles enables a better use of the sales area
  • Left objects, detect lost objects
  • Recognize abnormal behavior change in persons/groups
  • Traffic surveillance: measure speed, wrong direction, count vehicles/persons, detect broken down cars
  • Detect smoke

Our VCA Video Analytics Modules can be used as software plugin for Axis, Samsung and Vivotek cameras or as software module in MULTIEYE recorders.

Video analytics functions are combinable and can be logically connected with the MULTIEYE EventManager.

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