Multieye-NET-MX NVR Network Video Recorder

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The Network Video Recorders of the MX-NVR-series are storage servers and recorders in one device featuring the possibility of being equipped with an internal storage capacity of up to 128 TB. The MX recorders are designed for highly professional usage. Equipped with an integrated RAID Controller and redundant power supplies they feature the highest possible degree of redundancy and distinguish themselves by user friendliness, functionality and efficient operation. The MX-NVR is equipped with 32 IP video inputs of which 8 are activated and can be easily unlocked at any time online by software licences.

The recorder can process image data rates of up to 2.400/600** megapixels per second and thus is well suited for applications in connection with megapixel cameras. For easily integrating network cameras the software supports more than 1.000 of the most common IP cameras and video servers from more than 100+ different manufacturers. This enables ultra-fast and uncomplicated adaptation.

Thanks to their high functionality and efficient performance the MX-NVR video recorders are suited for almost all video surveillance applications in the professional and industrial areas. They feature a modular construction, are scalable and easy to modernise and thus represent a low-risk investment for your customers.

The MULTIEYE recorders' basic configuration already features video monitor and alarm management. Several users simultaneously access the live data as well as recorded data by means of PC, notebook, SmartPhones/tablet computers (iOS/Android) and through various networks/bandwidths. Several MULTIEYE recorders - in connection with the VideoCenterIII - can be expanded to a large-sized system with 1000+ cameras.


  • 8/32-channel network video recorder of which 8 IP video inputs. Expandable through licenses
  • Up to 128TB storage capacity by standard 16-bay recorder, uo to 256TB by 32 bay-recorder
  • Redundant recording by RAID
  • Recording frame rate max. 960fps
  • Image data processing rate: max. 2.400/600MPixel/s**


* depending on camera resolution, IP-video codec, frames per second, number and kind of remote monitoring connections.
** Mpixel/second represents a value for image-processing speed. The values stated refer to the processing and encoding of image data in or of H.264 streams with 2 i-frames/s, sufficient numbers of hard discs for video data and GBit/LAN without live monitoring and/or remote access. Other values apply to the processing of other codecs such as MPEG-4, MJPEG, transcoding of streams, recorder live display, and remote access.