ME10 Mini Video Recorder, applicable as mobile video recorder

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ME10 mini video recorder, wireless, usable as a mobile recorder, connection with WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile network connection, high resolution, with internal hard drive

Small, fanless, very powerful mini video recorder, suitable as a mobile video recorder

The mobile video recorder ME10 is one of the smallest, fan-free and most powerful mini recorders, processing up to 1600/400 Mpixel/s thanks to the Intel i7 CPU frame rates. The recorder is available both as hybrid version (HVR) with up to 8 analog and 2 IP-video inputs or and as pure NVR with up to 10 IP video inputs. The ME10 is the perfect product for demanding surveillance tasks in the mobile field. Other applications could be the oil film detection in industrial shelters, perimeter protection, temperature monitoring through thermal images or the use as counting system in combination with our special cameras with integrated 3D video sensor technology. Next to its rugged design, the device features user friendliness, functionality and economic efficiency.

With internal 128GB SSD HDD. WLAN, WiFi, Bluetooth, expandable to Mobile

The ME10 is supplied with an internal 128GB SSD hard disk for both operating system and MULTIEYE software. The mobile mini video recorder works with WLAN, WiFi or Bluetooth and is expandable to mobile technology. The video data are stored on a second internal hard disk with selectable capacity from 500 GB to 1TB. If ordered as NVR, the recorder comes with 4 IP video channels (extendible to 10) and 4 RJ45 PoE inputs. The hybrid version of the recorder is equipped with a video grabber card, allowing for up to 8 analog video cameras to be connected through the two DB15 breakout cables. The mobile video recorder is operated at 10-15 V DC or at 110-240 V AC via power supply and is designed for operating temperatures from -20 up to +70┬░C. The standard model features WiFi and bluetooth and can optionally be upgraded for mobile communication through an internal 3G GSM adaptor.

Modular design, for integration to established video surveillance systems

With its modular design, the ME10 is both scalable and upgradable. Its advanced functionality and performance provides a high degree of investment protection. For the integration of network cameras, the MULTIEYE-NET software supports over 1000 of the most common IP-cameras and video servers from over 100 different manufacturers and thus enables quick and hassle-free adaption.

Video monitoring management and alarm management already existing in basic equipment

Even the basic ME10 recorder model offers video monitoring and alarm management. Multiple users can access the live and recorded data with PCs, notebooks, iOS or Android based mobile phones and tablet PCs through different networks / bandwidths at the same time.

Used in combination with VideoCenter III, a multitude of MULTIEYE recorders can centrally be retrieved.

ME10 NVR, mini network video recorder, can be used as a mobile mini recorder
ME10 HVR, mini hybrid video recorder, can be used as mobile mini recorder