MULTIEYE Software Release Version

1. Video hard disks are reviewed for correct format (64k-cluster size)
2. Performance of license plate recognition module (ANPR) improved
3. License plate recognition module (ANPR) might not be restarted after settings changed
4. PrivacyShield settings dialog improved
5. Support for videoboards with H.264 hardware compression
6. MPEG4-mode for videoboards with software compression improved
7. Color-clarity at MJPEG-playback improved
8. Support for older videoboards (sold from 2005 to 2010)
9. Stability of live-pictures in MultiScreen improved
10. MotionDetection: Display for trigger point in MultiScreen (red circle) and settings-window (red frame) on same level, now
11. Player module plays exported videos on PCs without installed C++ -redistributable-package
12. Playback for H.264-videos in Multieye-Player improved
13. Signalword-recording runs with > --- < as trigger-time
14. DesktopLogger supports all monitor resolutions up Full-HD (only on Windows XP)
15. Instead of system-overload H.264 / MPEG4 – transmission runs with DirectStream
16. Record/playback for Basler cameras with H.264 improved
17. Playback for Arecont Vision cameras with H.264 improved
18. Color-divergence with Panasonic-PTZ-cams at DirectStream in VideoCenter corrected
19. Support for PTZ-function on ACTi-video servers of ACM-series

New camera profiles

20. Axis 1347, Axis M7001, Eneo NLC-1401, IQeye 732 (with I/O), Santec SVS-1001, SVS-1100


21. Alarm mails sending alarm pictures correctly now
22. Cameras in MultiScreen were changed correctly at user-change
23. VideoCenter now displays the right text at Preset-Save and Player-Export
24. CmdOn/CmdOff – Button runs in VideoCenter-map as push-button (door opener)
25. DataLog does not show lines twice
26. Vivotek - .dlls were installed in the correct folder