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With the MULTIEYE-NET software upgrade existing MULTIEYEpro systems can be upgraded to MULTIEYE-HYBRID/NET system basis without having to exchange hardware. With the MULTIEYE-NET software many new features are available like:

  • Up to 32 camera inputs (thereof max. 16 analog) in one recorder
  • Analog and IP cameras together in one recorder
  • Freely programmable multiscreens
  • PTZ camera support
  • 1 to 4-fold replay, simultaneous and synchroneous
  • Remote monitoring via MULTIEYE-LiveViewer, NetworkPlayer, MRC, browser, iPhone or iPad
  • Remote maintenance via MRC
  • Alarm notification
  • POS interface upgradeable
  • Software updates via internet 

With the MULTIEYE-NET software existing MULTIEYE recorders and systems can be expanded with IP cameras and video servers - the software offers new functionalities and recording capacities up to several TB!

The current software version 2.4 and higher offers a variety of new functions like support of H.264 cameras (e.g. Axis, Basler), more than 90 new/improved camera profiles (e.g. Basler, Sanyo), optimized remote transmission, improved operattion of the interface, digital water mark in videos, support of IP-1 extension, support of Immervision IMV 1-1/3" panomorphic (360°) lenses.

The upgrade is available with the article no. 812103 and is valid for a MULTIEYE-Pro/4 System. It includes a IP video demo license. Scope of delivery includes: Software on CD-ROM. manual, brief instruction and license. The software upgrade also includes one IP video input. With the IP-1 or IP-4 license more IP video inputs can be added to the system.



  • Works under WINDOWS 2000, XP, Server 2003 (32 Bit)
    WIN 98, ME NT, 2000, 2008, Vista and Windows 7 will not be supported.
  • MULTIEYE-Pro alarm boards are not supported. As an alternative the EX-IO server can be used.
  • System recommendations: Intel® based mainboard, Core™2 Duo processor, 2 GB RAM, 1x HDD for O/S and software, 1x HDD for video data, DVD-writer.

Article no.Scope of delivery
812103Software upgrade from  MULTIEYE-Pro to MULTIEYE-NET vers. 2.4
810162IP-1 license, for avtivating one additional IP video input
810161IP-4 license, for activating 4 additional IP video inputs
810163IP-HD module
810175EX-IO server 6066
NG2004Service package MULTIEYE