Software Upgrade Multieye-Hybrid/Net

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For older MULTIEYE-NET/HYBRID recorders/systems up to version 2.1 a comprehensive software upgrade is available that offers plenty of new features, improvements and performance optimisations.

Features to be prescinded are amongst others the integration of the PrivacyShield module for video surveillance in compliance with privacy protection provisions, integration of the ANPR car plate recognition, support of the 360 ° ImmerVision IMV1-1/3 lens and the protocol converter box NPC by Norma for applications in the areas of cash desks and automated teller machines. 

New features, expansions and improvements

  • Windows 7 support 32/64 bit (64 bit is not available for MULTIEYE-NET systems with Wibukey Dogles and for MULTIEYE-HYBRID recorders and the DVR kits)
  • MULTIEYE-Shell for Windows7 -64 Bit
  • MULTIEYE PrivacyShield module integrated (to be licensed) for privacy protected video surveillance
  • MULTIEYE ANPR number plate recognition module Gate and Traffic integrated (to be licensed), event control of IO contacts
  • Modernised user interface and icons
  • One channel IP video extension through IP-1 license
  • Support of H.264 streams of all common network camera manufacturers
  • MULTIEYE Virt-IO alarm panel module integrated (to be licensed) for expanding alarm triggers 
  • I/Os of Axis, IQInVision and Panasonic cameras are now usable
  • Support of MJPEG via http and MPEG-4/H.264 via RTSP for ACTi cameras
  • MULTIEYE AutoBackup module improved (to be licensed): Adaptation of the motion history
  • New RTSP-and HTTP client for optimized integration of newer (Full-HD) cameras
  • New ring storage module for increased requirements when using TeraByte hard disks, with increased status display and improved post alarm settings
  • Exporting videos can be configured depending on the user and will be logged
  • Videos can be protected by water marks
  • MULTIEYE LiveViewer client software offers keyboard support for PTZ cameras
  • Motion detection now with logarithmic scaling of the operating threshold
  • Increased event protocols: Additional hardware information and web interface access
  • Automatic transfer of new camera profiles from server to clients
  • PTZ special functions can be executed via joystick buttons
  • Proportional PTZ control for selected cameras
  • Support of the MP4100 video board (4 channel MPEG 4, 100/120 fps) with small form factor for being used, e.g. in mobile/mini recorders
  • Support of new H.264 video board
  • Support of the 360° panamorph ImmerVision IMV1-1/3 lens with distortion-free display, both live and recorded, quadview and digital PTZ support
  • S.M.A.R.T hard disk monitoring (temperature and failure probability)
  • Optimized image parameters in snapshots
  • Storing/exporting zoomed image details
  • The Motion Detection index now is being stored also in case of video export. Thus, you can quickly search for movements in exported videos, too (also in image details).

Increasing the number of profiles for IP cameras and video servers

  • The new version supports up to 500 network cameras and video servers from more than 80 manufacturers
  • Optimizations of performance and software: Improved image display rate. Particularly with multicore CPU system.
    Optimized image rate with remote access
  • Image data processing rates of up to 800 MPixel/s for each MULTIEYE recorder and up to 2,500 MPixel/s on 8-Core systems can be achieved
  • Bandwidth-optimization through improved efficiency control in the MJPEG mode
  • Improved real-time live display for network transmission in MJPEG mode
  • Acoustic messages (e.g. for hidden surveillance) can be activated
  • Improved display for configured and rotated camera images
  • Improved live display in case of changes in the image size
  • Video present messenger message upon video loss
  • SystemRestorer: Increased functions as recovery of the MULTIEYE standard function and for saving the VCII settings
  • Improved shutdown function
  • Optimised pop-up function in case of motion alarm in the LiveViewer
  • Additional entry field for IP camera network ports
  • Increased number of configuration notices for IP cameras (Basler, Eneo, Sanyo) as PDF
  • IP-video camera scanner: optimized
  • Optimized news format for sending SMS via messenger
  • Web interface: Now usable for permanent monitoring
  • Optimized "Area Zoom" support for the Area Zoom function of selected PTZ cameras from Axis and Sony
  • Multi/Network Player; now with video export button, standard display of the DataLog data, improved usability in load peaks. Offline playback without installed "redistributable Package"
  • Automatic reconnects after manual server restart (relates to Multiscreen, LiveViewer and VideoCenter II)

Additional languages

  • Romanian, Slovakian, Turkish, Hungarian, Spanish

Additionally embedded camera manufacturers

  • Basler
  • Cisco/Linksys
  • JVC
  • smc networks
  • Y-Cam
  • Zavio
  • ImmerVision IMV1-1/3 Objektiv
  • Norma protocol converter NPC

Compatibility notice

The MULTIEYE clients LiveViewer / MultiScreen (MRC) / NetworPplayer / VideoCentre II in the older versions including are not compatible with the new version 2.3.1.x. or higher That is, only client versions 2.3.x.x can retrieve video files recorded with MULTIEYE in version 2.3.x.x.

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