MULTIEYE Protocol Converter Box NPC


With the new MULTIEYE HYBRID/NET software version 2.2 and higher an interface to the Norma Systems protocol converter box is available.

The NPC box is a data protocol converter that creates a uniform protocol out of device specific transmission protocols from, for example, bank/cash desk systems. The box is connected to the MULTIEYE recorder via serial interface and thus can be used for a large number of automated teller machines and systems for cash desks, petrol stations and access control that, so far, were not supported by MULTIEYE. These are amongst others: Automatic teller machines by IBM/Diebold, Wincor/Nixdorf and NCR and, e.g., cash desk systems by Scheidt & Bachmann and DresslerWayne. The cash desk data are displayed in the MULTIEYE recorders synchronous with the camera images, recorded and replayed.  By entering search words transactions can be searched and displayed; alarms can be generated and messages can be sent by means of signal words.

Article no.Scope of delivery
810501Protocol convertercbox type NPC for MULTIEYE-NET software and recorder for embedding cash register and transaction data and recording of more than 50 different cash register systems (POS), ATMs and access controll systems like HUTH, Scheidt+Bachmann, IBM/Diebold, WincorNixdorf, NCR. Data input serial (RS 232) or Ethernet RJ45 (protocol-dependent). One DataLog license (article: 810173) included in scope of delivery.