MULTIEYE NetworkPlayer

The NetworkPlayer enables easy access to MULTIEYE-HYBRID/NET systems via network or internet. Fast and efficient analysis of recordings. For the purpose of providing evidence snap shots or videos can be exported to local storage media such as USB stick, DVD or a hard disk of a PC or a notebook and with or without player. 
The NetworkPlayer has nearly identical functionality as the MULTIEYE-HYBRID/NET MultiPlayer. Up to 4 videos can be retrieved simultaneously, fast forward and fast backward, playing individual sequences, display a chart overview together with functions for searching and filtering as for example MotionHistogramm, MotionSearch, MotionTrack, export functions for video and snap shots and many more.


Upon entering the activation key the NetworkPlayer server function will be activated on the MULTIEYE-HYBRID/NET systems and videos can be retrieved on the clients via the network.
The NetworkPlayer software can be installed on several clients; in case of one installed NetworkPlayer server license on the MULTIEYE-HYBRID/NET system  only one user can access the MULTIEYE PC at a time. The MULTIEYE software supports up to 8 clients simultaneously, i.e. 8 licenses will be required in this case.


  • Remote analysis/replay/storage/archiving of video sequences and snapshots via LAN, internet and GSM/UMTS
  • Simultaneous replay of 1 to 4 channels
  • Video compression rate adjustable to limited transmission bandwidths
  • Ultra-fast video analysis (Smart Search) of recordings through individually markable Hot Spot fields through functions as MotionSearch, MotionTrack and MotionHistogram and via event lists, keywords, etc.
  • Integrated cache for fast forward/backward and playing recording sequences
  • Usage as stand-alone player for archived and exported recordings
  • Export function for videos, sequences and snapshots with/without player
  • Support of joystick, jog shuttle and keyboard combinations
  • Distortion-free recordings with 360° Immervision lenses
  • One network player license is included in the scope of delivery of each MULTIEYE recorder, NET software or DVR kit.
Article no.Scope of delivery
810151NetworkPlayer license
NG1003REC NetworkPlayer license (only available with initial delivery of MULTIEYE recorders or as factory upgrade)