MULTIEYE Mini Condensator Microphone

With MULTIEYE-HYBRID up to 32 audio sources ca be recorded on one recorder. The recording is not on a separate audio track but synchroneously in the video file. Due to our TLAV technology the audio is recorded synchroneous to the video - independent from the set recording frame rate.
Die MULTIEYE-HYBRID Videorecorder und DVR-Kits verfügen je nach Ausführung über 1-32 Audioeingängen.
One audio channel can be assigned to one or several cameras, so each camera which an audio channel is assigned to also records the audio source.

We recommend our mini condensor microphone for indoor surveillance with adapter plug for +12DC power supply, either via power supply of the camera or via an external power supply (not included in scope of delivery).

Article no.Scope of delivery
140100With MULTIEYE-HYBRID up to 32 audio sources can be recorded on one recorder. Die MULTIEYE-HYBRID video recorders and DVR-Kits come with 1-32 audio inputs, depending on scope of delivery.