The EX-IO alarm board offers contact controlled alarm recording of single or multiple cameras and allows an internal or external triggering of relays. The alarm board comes with 8 opto-decoupled inputs and 2 relays.
Up to 2 EX-IO can be operated on the video boards type 425,16xxx and on the 8200H video boards. Up to 4 EX-IO alarm panels can be connected to the video board type 32100.

In multi board operation (several PCI video boards in one PC) even up to 8 EX-IOs can be operated. Connecting an EX-IO alarm board with the main board is fast and easy with the added bus cable. The multi functional connections can easily be defined via drag & drop.

Contact inputs

For contact controlled alarm recording of a single or several cameras with definable recording time. Several cameras can be connected with one alarm input. A protection from overwriting can be applied to alarm recordings.

Relay outputs

The relay outputs can be used variably:

  • for remote controlling of door/gate openers, cameras or lighting in connection with MULTIEYE LiveViewer
  • as alarm notifier in case of motion detection
  • during camera/video loss

Article no.Scope of delivery
810025EX-IO alarm board with 8 potential-free relay inputs and 2 relay outputs. For connecting with 425, 16xxx, 32100 and 8200H video boards (max. 2x EX-IO per video board). Incl. bus cable and license.