MULTIEYE AutoBackup Module


The MULTIEYE AutoBackup software module helps you automating the archiving recordings and thus avoiding data loss through overwriting (ring storage) breakdowns or sabotage. Archiving can be performed on a local storage medium or via the network and both time/event controlled or permanent. Which parts of the recordings are to be archived can be set for each camera individually. 

This allows you to work in compliance with the data protection requirements and, for example, archive relevant recordings only. This function can be activated on all MULTIEYE-HYBRID/NET systems at any time by means of software activation and thus makes a contribution to innovation safety of MULTIEYE systems. 

Activating the software function

Expanding the MULTIEYE system by the AutoBackup function is being executed by means of software activation. It just needs to enter or load an activation key within the MULTIEYE software interface. Once successfully activated the AutoBackup function will be available for max. 32 cameras and audio channels, i.e. in case of several MULTIEYE DVRs/NVRs you will need one license key per each device/system.  

Archiving options

Alarm videos: only videos recorded via contact alarm will be stored.
Save only protected videos: Alarm videos can be protected against overwriting. Only protected recordings will be archived in this setting.
Deactivate the protection after Backup: Upon successful archiving the write protection will be deactivated for storage release. 
Videos with movement recognition: Only videos with movement recognition will be archived.
Videos with movement: Only recordings/sequences that contain a change of image content (movement) will be archived.
Permanent: All recordings will be archived with this setting. 

As a matter of course, archiving can be executed with a combination of the aforementioned criteria. In case the criteria defined before are met the archiving can be executed immediately or only at certain times of the day defined before. In addition to automatic archiving the process can be started and stopped manually via the user interface, too. 



  • MULTIEYE software expansion for automatically exporting and archiving videos and video recordings
  • Permanent, time/event controlled archiving
  • Manually starting and stopping the backup process is possible
  • Ring storage function (FiFo), from software vers. 2.4
  • Storage on local storage media, e.g. via the USB interface
  • Storage on external computers or file servers via network 
  • Various selection criteria for recordings to be stored, e.g. permanent, only alarm videos or protected videos, only recordings with change of content
  • Configuration adjustable for each camera individually
  • Easily upgradeable by software activation
  • Replay or evaluation of exported recordings through the network player
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