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MULTIEYE ANPR automatic number plate recognition

Automatic license plate identification

Precise licence plate detection with high recognition rate.

Automatic identification of number plates of cars, trucks, motorcycles, trailers and other vehicles.

The MULTIEYE ANPR number plate recognition offers a number of possible applications and advantages such as:

Automatic gate opening

  • Reduced staff
  • Permanent availability
  • Fast processing of incoming / outgoing

Security for the companyVehicle license plate recognition for automatic barrier opening, monitoring of parking areas / car park entrances and exits, calculation of free parking spaces, geo-marketing analysis, to control parking time of cars

  • by presetting the access authorizations
  • optimization of parking time

Managing parking space facilities

  • Optimization and verification of parking duration

Geo Marketing

  • Analysis of customer catchment area

The automation of incoming/outgoing saves money and controls access authorizations at the same time. The parking time of vehicles can be determined and analyzed which helps optimizing your logistics. By using the ANPR in parking garages / parking lots unauthorized long-term parking is prevented. Upon the return of rental cars at unmanned stations the actual return times are recorded and potential damages on the vehicles documented by additional high-resolution cameras.

Software for automatic number plate recognition, additional module for the MULTIEYE video management solution. Monitoring of up to 8 lanes simultaneously. Detects 125 different country vehicle registration codes.Software for automatic car number plate recognition available as an add-on module of MULTIEYE Video management software

The MULTIEYE ANPR number plate recognition may be used as low-priced add-on software module for the MULTIEYE video recorders or for MULTIEYE-NET. The number plates are stored image conform and compared to the database entries. No separate hardware is necessary for the number plate recognition. The standard version offers the surveillance of 2 lanes; the system can be expanded to monitor up to 8 lanes (depending on recorder performance) and thus represents a low-risk and future-proof investment. The MULTIEYE-ANPR is available in two designs: Traffic and Gate, both support analog as well as IP-cameras. Currently number plates from 125 different countries can be recognized.

Number plate recognition module MULTIEYE ANPR Gate

Contains a 2-channel software for the recognition and storage of number plates and the analysis of a “black & white list” for the control of incoming / outgoing vehicles, time-controlled access, standard analysis tool, encrypted MySQL database (not accessible by customers). Article no. 810178

Number plate recognition module MULTIEYE ANPR Traffic

Contains a 2-channel software module for the recognition and storage of number plates and the analysis of a “black & white list” for the control of incoming / outgoing vehicles. High-resolution number plate detection, time-controlled access, premium analysis tool with filter functions. Software also installable on external system for more lanes. MySQL database accessible for customer-specific applications and further processing. Article no. 810170

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