MULTIEYE-Hybrid DVR-Kits with H.264 On-Board Compression

The MULTIEYE-HYBRID DVR-Kits with H.264 on-board compression let you create professional hybrid video recorders. Together with high quality real time video boards, the MULTIEYE-NET software supports the simultaneous operation of analog and digital video sources with recording rates of up to 800/960fps. A total of 32 analog and IP cameras can be combined with each other and operated from within one recorder. Integrating network cameras/video servers is as easy as setting up analog cameras.

Clearly arranged menu, multifunctional, upgradeable 

We have placed major emphasis upon easy operation, high image quality, functionality, and the availability of subsequent upgrades. MULTIEYE-HYBRID puts a multifunctional, highly innovative video recorder and management system at your disposal; a system capable of being modernized and adjusted to customer-specific requirements at any time. 


The MULTIEYE-HYBRID DVR-Kits with on-board H.264 video compression consist of professional high quality PCI video board(s) with 8-32 BNC camera inputs and monitor outputs, MULTIEYE-NET software on USB stick, quick installation guide as well as card accessories. Additionally, each DVR-Kit includes 1 demo IP video input. By means of licenses a recorder can be upgraded with additional IP video inputs for up to 32 channels. The video boards can be combined with the optionally available EX-IO boards with alarm inputs and relay outputs. 
Altogether, 4 different DVR-Kits with a total recording rate of up to 800/960 fps are available. 
MULTIEYE-NET is an innovative and multifunctional software. Thanks to its modular design, it can be modernized and adjusted to customer-specific requirements at any time. All DVR-Kits are "UVV-Kassen" conform, the German professional association, and thus feature both pre-alarm and post-alarm. The MULTIEYE-NET software supports up to 600 of the most common IP cameras and video servers from 80+ different manufacturers, thus enabling fast and uncomplicated camera integration (automatic recognition of camera IP addresses within the network) and the greatest possible flexibility. 

Express installation via Plug & Play

After the PCI video board and the MULTIEYE-NET software have been installed and the cameras connected, the system is immediately ready for operation. This is made possible by the combination of the functionality of modern PCs and servers with the innovative hardware and software of the HYBRID-DVR-Kits. 

DVR-Kit Type8200H16400H24600H32800H
Analog video inputs8162432
Video connectionBNCBNCBNCBNC
IP video input, activated1*1*1*1*
IP video inputs expandable to24168-
fps analog at 4 CIF PAL/NTSC200/240400/480600/720800/960
fps** IP video up to600400200-
Video output FBAS1234
Video compression viaH.264 BaselineH.264 BaselineH.264 BaselineH.264 Baseline
Connection for EX-IO board2468
Card type/numberPCI/1PCI/2PCI/3PCI/4
Dimensions video board HxW in mm110x2672x 110x2673x 110x2674x 110x267


  • Analog video inputs: BNC, 1Vss, 75 ohm termination detachable
  • Video output: cinch socket, FBAS 1 Vss
  • Image data processing rate max. 1.600 Mpixel/s* 
  • "UVV Kassen" compliant

Basic features

  • Easy and well-structured operation
  • Expandable through a number of software and hardware modules and licenses
  • Quadplex operation
  • Support of common IP cameras and video servers from more than 80 manufacturers
  • Supported video codecs: JPEG, MJPEG, MPEG-4 and H.264
  • Future-proof: supports IP cameras with up to 20 Mpixel
  • Motion detection, camera independent
  • Private zone masking
  • Hot-zone megapixel zoomer for live and replay, controllable via mouse/joystick
  • Alarm inputs and relay outputs through EX-IO boards and/or support of IP cameras/video server IOs or EX-IO server
  • User administration, well-structured and versatile configuration, support of "four eyes" principle
  • LiveUpdater: keeps MULTIEYE software always up-to-date
  • Many languages available, direct switching to other languages

Live display and remote monitoring

  • Programmable multiscreens with hot-spot monitor
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Remote monitoring, bandwidth-dependent scalable, optimized for megapixel operation
  • PDA ready (without additional software)
  • Immervision IMVI-1/3 panamorphic lens support with automatic live and replay equalization and virtual PTZ funtion

Recording / replay / evaluation

  • Multifunctional storage management, dynamic or static recording
  • Pre-alarm, post alarm and suspicious-event storage
  • Event-controlled recording through motion detection, timer operation, alarm inputs, data interface
  • Replay via MultiPlayer, NetworkPlayer, browser. Simultaneous playback, keyboard, joystick and jog shuttle support. One- to fourfold display, numerous search criteria
  • Smart search, ultra-fast evaluation by integrated video analysis with "MotionSearch", "MotionTrack" and "motion histogram" functions

Reliability / service

  • Highest function reliability through software and hardware watchdogs, crash recovery, video loss detection
  • Digital watermarks in videos and snapshots
  • Alarm, status, and routine notification via email, ICQ, Net-Send or via alarm contact, data interface
  • S.M.A.R.T supervision of hard drives
  • SystemRestorer for storing and restoring of MULTIEYE configurations, with camera reference snapshot function


  • Data interface via TCP or COM for IO server, cash registers/ATMs, video sensors, barcode scanners, ZUKO, EBÜS, facility management, etc.

* Demo channel is not applicable by extension with IP-1/IP-4

** Depending on PC hardware, camera resolution, IP video codec, image frame rate, number and mode of remote monitoring.