MULTIEYE Customer References

With more than 18.000 (MULTIEYE and XentauriX) systems sold worldwide, artec technologies has received references from small systems (from 2 to 4 channels) up to very complicated installations with more than 200 channels, various recorders and on-top video management software. You will find MULTIEYE systems in almost every industry and installation thinkable: for example banks, retailers, judiciary, gas stations, production monitoring, control centers, hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, monitoring of private houses and in traffic flow control.

In the following you will find a small selection of reference projects.
We will be glad to provide further references upon request.

Use of MULTIEYE and Axis network cameras in department store in Bremen

Department store Lestra: Department store in Bremen, Germany lowers inventory differences and optimizes routes in the store with MULTIEYE and Axis network cameras.

MULTIEYE video surveillance in modern hostel without occupying the front desk around the clock

Zollhaus Bremen: An old custom house has been converted into a modern hostel. MULTIEYE provides a secure atmosphere, even though the reception is not staffed round the clock.

Safe discotheque with MULTIEYE video security system

MAD Discotheque: In Germany's safest disco in Erfurt, MULTIEYE systems are used for extensive video security.

Video security in industrial areas with MULTIEYE video surveillance and MULTIEYE VideoCenter

Project Libya: In the Libyan desert highly sensitive compressors in an explosive area are controlled with MULTIEYE systems.

Comprehensive MULTIEYE video surveillance in big furniture stores with thousands of visitors daily

IKEA: The largest European IKEA store in Odense is secured by a complex MULTIEYE system.

MULTIEYE video surveillance for the creation of optimal habitats for endangered species

Iberian lynx: The National Center in Silver/Portugal monitors the rearing station for Iberian lynx with MULTIEYE.

Food wholesaler in Portugal uses MULTIEYE video surveillance

Luso Aliemientos: One of the largest Cash and Carry superstores in Amadora/Lisbon is monitored with a MULTIEYE system and 163 analog and IP video cameras.

Car rental centre at D├╝sseldorf airport documents car return with MULTIEYE video surveillance

Car rental: In the modern car rental at Dusseldorf Airport, a MULTIEYE system with 79 analog and IP video cameras documents the car return.

Shopping center and leisure facility near Dubai is supported with MULTIEYE video surveillance systems

Al Ain Mall: Near Dubai, a MULTIEYE system with 200 IP cameras maintains surveillance of the shopping center Al Ain Mall.

Computer center in Kamerun uses MULTIEYE for video surveillance

MTN Cameroon: The computer center of the MTN Group in Cameroon is watched with a MULTIEYE system with 20 TB and 20 megapixel-cameras.

Significant reduction in thefts since the beginning of the use of MULTIEYE GreenWatch video safety systems

Butcher Shop Martin: The butcher shop is surveilled with the help of a MULTIEYE GreenWatch IP-video recorder with six megapixel cameras.