EDISON Scale research report - Update: New strategy is beginning to deliver

EDISON Scale research report - Update: artec technologies AG >> New strategy is beginning...

Media companies use artificial intelligence to lift their data treasures from TV, Internet: artec technologies AG shows how to do it at the IBC2018 in Amsterdam

DIEPHOLZ / BREMEN – Germany -- artec turns video/audio data into "Smart Media". This is...

XENTAURIX Artificial Intelligence (AI) turns your video media into “Smart Media”!

Diepholz/Bremen – 19. July 2018: artec technologies advances the XENTAURIX Artificial Intelligence...


Video Surveillance / Security

MULTIEYE complete video surveillance systems for the maximization of safety. Professional video monitoring security systems for outdoor surveillance and inside enterprises, companies, retail stores and all commercial establishments.

product and system solutions are used for simple as well as for complex video surveillance and security systems. Our products are multifunctional, they offer additional benefit and are suitable for applications in privacy-protected video security, production control and quality assurance, consumer promotion, perimeter protection or for maximizing industrial safety.

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XENTAURIX media & broadcast system solutions for recording, playback and transmission of radio and tv programs, TV-program analysis and as an application for trainings and courses. Audio and video live streaming.

product and system solutions are used for the transmission, recording and replay of TV, video and radio broadcasts via network / internet. E.g. for compliance recording, as online video recorder, for program analysis and also as ongoing education application.

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System Solutions with MULTIEYE and XENTAURIX

MULTIEYE security systems: modular system solutions for video surveillance. XENTAURIX systems for TV and radio broadcast evidence, audience rating analysis, as TV engine with cloud service. The systems are extendable according to individual requirements.

The modular hardware and software architecture of our product platforms offer the highest flexibility, expandability and prove of investment and reflects the latest technologies.
Our products and system solutions are user-friendly, reliable and versatile. They can all be expanded with add-on modules and are able to communicate with external devices and data sources. We offer one-stop solutions (planning, commissioning support, service & support) as well as custom-tailored professional system solutions.

Fields of application of our systems for video security / surveillance:

for retail, shopping centers, car parks, hotels, perimeter protection, logistics center, train stations, airports, banks & finance, museums, BOS (emergency services), industry, process visualization, traffic, hospitals, clinics, educational institutions etc.


Our systems may be expanded with these add-ons:

Multi-signal / multi-channel streaming and recording systems:

for broadcasters, media monitoring agencies, further education institutions and training centers, control centers, command centers, simulators, BOS (emergency services), media centers.  

Fields of Application