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Video-Sicherheitssysteme für Unternehmen und Gewerbe. Intelligenter Objektschutz und Videoanalyse. Datenschutzkonforme Videoüberwachung. Video Security Software mit Wahrung des Persönlichkeitsschutzes TV Monitoring Software. Programme beobachten, archivieren, Mitschnitt-Service, Zuschauerquoten-Analyse HD-Überwachungssysteme, Media und Broadcast Solutions, Cloud-TV, IPTV Lösungen Streaming und Analyse

Video Security "Made in Germany"

Our highly modern systems watch over your properties - nonstop.

Video Surveillance, MULTIEYE & GDPR

No compromise: Privacy-protected video surveillance with MULTIEYE video systems.

Media & Broadcast & IPTV Solutions

TV / radio compliance recording, media monitoring, viewer rating analysis, archiving.

Our solutions

Seeing, hearing, thinking, analyzing plus multifunctional and versatile. Get to know us: Your MULTIEYE and XENTAURIX

XENTAURIX Media Broadcast Logger, stream recorder, professional video / tv recording and analysis


XENTAURIX Media & Broadcast Logger

Monitor, Record and Analyze TV / Radio / IP-Video

XENTAURIX systems are used for TV. radio, IP-video compliance recording, content analysis, re-streaming, VoD clipping as well as video recording system in training facilities [more...]

MULTIEYE NEXT: new updated video management system with video analysis will be launched in autumn



MULTIEYE NEXT Video Management System with integrated video analysis for medium to large installations [more…]

Video technology for security authorities. Video surveillance specially designed for security tasks


Video Surveillance for Law Enforcement

artec technologies AG has designed special products and system solutions in the field of video surveillance / video security for BOS (authorities and organizations with security tasks).  [more…]

MULTIEYE VCA Video analysis, Monitoring & Recording, building protection


MULTIEYE VCA Intelligent Video Analytics, AI-based

With the new and extensive bouquet of MULTIEYE VCA AI-based Video Analytics Modules you will increase the utilizability and performanceof MULTIEYE systems and potentize these to highly efficient system for video security and business intelligence applications [more…]

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