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Multifunctional Media & Broadcast Recording & Analysis Systems

for TV, radio, video and social media livestreams „Made in Germany“

Dear customers and interested parties,

for our product platforms MULTIEYE and XENTAURIX there are now separate web portals available where you can obtain detailed information and use the service & download area as usual.

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MULTIEYE Video Surveillance, Security and Information System

Our MULTIEYE video management software, recorders and system solutions have been successfully used for 20 years in thousands of the most diverse applications. The products and system solutions are easy to operate, multifunctional and offer investment security through the possibility of expansion and modernization at any time. To the MULTIEYE website

XENTAURIX Media Broadcast Logger, stream recorder, professional video / tv recording and analysis


XENTAURIX Media & Broadcast Logger

Monitor, Record and Analyze TV, Radio, Video and Social Media

Our XENTAURIX systems are used for TV, radio, compliance recording, broadcast recording, content analysis, re-streaming, VoD clipping, monitoring, as a video recording system for social media livestreams and in the area of further education. To the XENTAURIX website

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