New software upgrade for MULTIEYE-HYBRID/NET

Starting in August, 2009, the long-anticipated software upgrade for the established MULTIEYE software version will be available.

The software upgrade features a variety of new functions such as: support of H.264 cameras (for example from Arecont, Axis); more than 50 new camera profiles (for example for Basler, Sanyo, Cisco); optimized telecommunication transmission; improved operation of the shell; digital watermarks in videos, and support of IP-1 single-channel expansions. In addition, optimizations in alarm management and motion detection such as the logarithmic scaling of the sensitivity regulator have been built in. The new version likewise provides support for 360° Immervision object lenses and the tie-in of a protocol converter via the DataLog module.

The MSRP amounts to 179.00 Euros.


artec expands its presence in Sweden

With Prio Security as a new associate partner, artec technologies inc has enhanced its distribution network in Sweden. Artec anticipates Prio Security to be a strong associate partner in both sales and technical support. The Stockholm distributor, who specializes in complete systems for video surveillance, now markets entire the MULTIEYE software family through its own associates.

"Prio Security's business concept is based upon the commitment to ensure a consistent supply of video security solutions in Scandinavia. The corporation is focused on growth and has consistently invested in strong wholesale brands, a wide product-range and dependable customer service. These are the primary reasons for us to select artec technologies inc as our associate partner. Through this agreement, we are able to offer the selection of DVR's which we consider necessary to meet the demands of an increasingly more differentiated market," stated Stefan Uveskog, Prio Security's Managing Director, Prio Security about the cooperative agreement.

"artec's entire team is very pleased about the new partnership with Prio Security. The many years of experience of Prio Security's employees with video surveillance systems in the Swedish market will lead to a further assurance of artec's market share as well as provide interesting growth," elaborated Jens Ringlstetter, artec's VP for Sales & Marketing.

More information about Prio Security can be found under:


artec integrates cutting-edge BASLER IP camera features

Artec technologies Inc is pleased very about its cooperation with Basler Inc, Ahrensburg, of one of the leading companies in the area of vision technology. Introduced in 2008, the camera series for video surveillance benefits from decades of experience in the development of cameras for product surveillance.

Multifaceted and often trend-setting features of Basler's IP cameras such as day/night functionality, the AOI (Area of Interest) function, and the multistream function are already integrated into artec technologies' MULTIEYE NET software. In addition to the AOI feature, several image-data streams with varying compression protocols can be set up in the Basler cameras. For example, customers can choose between MJPEG, MPEG-4 and H.264. Several virtual cameras can be simulated through the implementation of various image-data streams for freely selectable fields of view (AOI). This leads to significant cost savings in hardware (e.g. number of cameras) as well as in regard to bandwidth and storage requirements. These features are especially suited for use in banks and traffic applications where high-resolution detailed images in different compressions are much sought after.

In Basler Inc., a further strong associate partner for high-quality IP cameras has been found which eminently complements artec technologies' concept of providing affordable and future-oriented video surveillance solutions "Made in Germany."

More information about Basler Inc. can be found under:

Product features introduced:

VideoCenter II: call-up of web pages

The site-plan based video management software "Video Center II" is designed to poll and administer up to 10 MULTIEYE systems at the same time. This makes it possible to simultaneously open and operate in a multiscreen up to four Internet web browsers as monitor windows. Parallel to camera monitoring, a wealth of interesting third-party applications can be called up and operated in the multiscreen. Among those are e.g. the incorporation of audio editing functions, duplex telephony ("crosstalk"), video conferences, network monitoring and/or the display of webcams. In all of this, the VideoCenter II features a versatility which is without parallel. The "Favourites", with which the used-dependent multiscreen configurations are saved, can also store web address.

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