artec technologies AG enables an information lead on the stock exchange: New value-added services for the publishing and media industry

+ Search engine for audiovisual data covers the individualized information needs + Excess return...

EDISON Scale Research Report - Update: artec technologies >> Positioning for growth

artec spent the 2016/17 period highly focused on modernising its software platform and, as a...

XentauriX Broadcast Logger – new features!

April 2018 | A warm hello to all of our customers! We have been very busy in the past few months...

Video Security "Made in Germany"

Video-Sicherheitssysteme für Unternehmen und Gewerbe. Intelligenter Objektschutz und Videoanalyse.

Our highly modern systems watch over your properties - nonstop.

Bring people together

Streamen, Aufzeichnung, Übertragung von Audios + Videos an Konferenzen, Seminare, Events und Messen

Stream and record trainings, events, conferences and lectures to many participants in different locations.

Video Surveillance, MULTIEYE & GDPR

Datenschutzkonforme Videoüberwachung. Video Security Software mit Wahrung des Persönlichkeitsschutzes

No compromise: Privacy-protected video surveillance with MULTIEYE video systems.

Media & Broadcast & IPTV Solutions

TV Monitoring Software. Programme beobachten, archivieren, Mitschnitt-Service, Zuschauerquoten-Analyse

TV / radio compliance recording, media monitoring, viewer rating analysis, archiving.

Anywhere, anytime

TV Live Streaming. Mobil TV-Programme streamen, abrufen + ansehen auf Smartphone oder Tablet

Mobile access to TV / video live streams and recordings, whenever and wherever you like.

Our solutions

HD-Überwachungssysteme, Media und Broadcast Solutions, Cloud-TV, IPTV Lösungen Streaming und Analyse

Seeing, hearing, thinking, analyzing plus multifunctional and versatile. Get to know us: Your MULTIEYE, MYEYE, XENTAURIX

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