Company Anniversary


15 years artec technologies AG in Diepholz/Bremen (2000-2015)

artec technologies AG celebrate their 15th anniversary. The company was founded in June 2000 and took over business operations from its forerunner company artec Security GmbH.

Since the year 2000 we have been developing and producing professional products and system solutions for the video security and the media & broadcast sector. With more than 23,000 projects the brands MULTIEYE and XENTAURIX have won national and international recognition.

We are more than ready for the challenges the future holds. With new system solutions which combine MULTIEYE’s and XENTAURIX’ advantages we are technologically worldwide in a very good position. With this new product platform we broaden the application areas and open new markets. For our customers and us this means an increase in sales and lucrative profits.

Our success is based on the competence, commitment and passion of our staff and customers who market our products and systems and integrate them into sites.

We are looking forward to the challenges of the following years and wish for joint success.


Ingo Hoffmann and Thomas Hoffmann

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