Newsletter November 09

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from now on we will inform you only briefly about news and interesting ideas from artec in our e-mail newsletter. Longer reports will be presented in a short version. At the end of the message you will find a link to our website, where you can read the complete reports. In today's edition you may read interesting news about:

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New price-list

From now on the new price-list is also available as pdf and in an excel version. Newly included products are amongst others the 8 channel GreenWatch recoders as full IP and Hybrid version, REC Raid 4 TB for MX NG recorders as well as the Viasys plug-in for IQEnvision cameras. In addition to the price reductions of cameras of the companies ACTi, Axis and  IQInvision we have added new camera types of Santec. Especially the new 1.3 Megapixel cameras  SNC-390/-521/-620 deserve closer attention due to their attractive cost/performance ratio. 


News about the artec website

Soon even more up to date, more informative and with additional advertising possibilities for our partners  with the new list of distributors.  From 01 December 2009 our visitors will have some new information possibilities at their disposal on

  • New, more attractive landing page 
  • List of distributors (divided into three areas) 
  • Distributor log-in (from 15.12.2009)

The list of distributors allows interested visitors to find the regional MULTIEYE certified partner companies. The partners are sorted by country and divided into distributors, system integrators and constructors.The distributor log-in is reserved for selected certified partner companies and features a lot  of information about special promotions, various downloads (e.g. manuals, QIG, specifications), marketing tools (e.g. gimmicks to be ordered, pictures and logos).   


Successful attendance at trade fairs in Denmark and Sweden / partner marketing

Together with local distributors we have presented the newest products of the MULTIEYE® product line like the software MULTIEYE® NET version 2.2 and the GreenWatch Full IP/Hybrid recorder at the Sikring & Sikkerhed trade fair in Denmark and at the Sectec trade fair in Sweden.

Both trade fairs were well attended by competent visitors and have been very successful for the partners of artec. The new GreenWatch recorder desktop size with its very agressive price / performance ratio did not only catch the attraction due to its exceptional design, but also because it is intended for a market segment, which so far was hardly served by German manufacturers. Additionally to the new products our partners pointed out that the support of artec, especially during the trade fair within the new partner marketing has been very helpful.

From the technology department

MULTIEYE® software: Ultra-fast search in recordings

The enormous storage capacities of today's video recorders generate video recordings of weeks and months. To search a certain event thus can become quite time-consuming. Video surveillance systems therefore offer the “Smart Search“ function, which marks the picture areas to be scanned. Most systems analyse the video in the background at a higher play speed: to analyse a 24 h video can take a few minutes or hours. MULTIEYE® reduces the analysis down to  few seconds by the Motion Indexing Technique, developed by artec. The search functions “MotionSearch“ and “Motion Track“ for replay analyses are available as a standard.

Operating Method

The  Motion Indexing Technique, integrated into MULTIEYE® recognises movement changes in pictures already during the recording and saves the time of the event, the grade of the movement change and its position in an indexing data base.To analyse movement changes in picture areas the user masks one or more picture sections in the camera picture with the MotionSearch function (1), defines the search time and the sensitivity for the search. By analysing in the indexing data base the result list is available within a few seconds. (2) Per mouse click the user now can view the individual events together with the corresponding pictures and videos. (1)MotionTrack allows the search via the movement histogramme. The movement changes refer to the complete picture. You can define a threshold level by means of a track bar, all movement events can be controlled per mouse click and you can view the pictures / videos.

MotionTrack is mainly used for analyses of more frequent movement changes. 


Viasys plug-in supported by MULTIEYE

From now on the Viasys plug-in for IQInvision cameras with interface to MULTIEYE® is available. The plug-in for IQInvision cameras developed by Viasys features an intelligent movement detection on the camera side. The alarm data, which include a free text as well as the picture coordinates of the generated alarm, are read via the DataLog interface into MULTIEYE®. With freely definable alarm words you can initiate various actions.