Newsletter July 2011

Dear readers,

today’s newsletter will inform you about new products listed in the latest version of the price list for distribution articles, about upgrade possibilities of the MULTIEYE-Pro software and about marketing flyers which are now available.

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New price list for distribution articles

An updated price list for our range of cameras from the brands Axis, Basler and IQinvision are available and are effective immediately. It includes the complete line of the new camera models from Basler and for the first time lenses from Fujinon.

The number of camera manufacturers in our product range has been reduced in order to offer you a better product mix depth and extensive consulting services.

If you need cameras for projects from ACTi, Sony or Arecont please contact us.

Axis Roadshow a complete success

16 lectures on eight days in three countries with over 700 professional visitors in April and May 2011. That is the first summary of the Axis Roadshow 2011 for artec technologies AG.

Our presented topics such as possible applications of modern video recording systems with the help of an installation and privayprotected video surveillance was the main focus of the expert audience’s interest.

The numerous talks during the show, the quality of the project requests of visitors as well as the first orders which we received from new customers prove the success of our participation and the close cooperation between axis Communication (global market leader in IP cameras) and artec technologies AG.


Support of Brickcom cameras

With the new software update version (available from 07-25-2011) MULTIEYE-NET/HYBRID will support several camera models from Brickcom. Supported models are OB-100Ap, VD-130Ap, MD-100Ap, CB-100Ap and OSD-040E.
The cameras from Brickcom are characterized by a good price-performance ratio and interesting features. The product portfolio includes fixed as well as PTZ cameras in indoor and outdoor versions and a wide range of wireless models.
You will find a list of all currently supported camera profiles on our website

Flyer MULTIEYE-ANPR Gate and PeopleCounter available

As of now the latest marketing flyers for the number plate recognition module Gate and PeopleCounter can be downloaded from our website in pdf format. Printed copies are available at:  



From our technicians:
Modernised software/upgrade from MULTIEYEpro to MULTIEYE-HYBRID

MULTIEYEpro/4 DVR-Kits and video recorders have been produced from 2001 to 2005 and integrated into thousands of systems. After implementing the following generation of MULTIEYE-HYBRID at the beginning of 2004 technical support for has been discontinued in 2007 and pointed to the upgrade possibilities to MULTIEYE-HYBRID. Even after ten years MULTIEYEpro/4 systems are still being modernised. The advantages of the upgrade are, among others:

  • Up to 32 camera inputs (analog and IP video)
  • MULTIEYEpro/4 video cards can still be used
  • Recordings are converted and can still be used
  • All software features and modules of the
    MULTIEYE-HYBRID generation are at your disposal

Our customers benefit from the huge advantage of our MULTIEYE product philosophy “modernisable and future-proof through software updates/upgrades”. You can keep the system up-to-date at all times. For further information about the possibilities of an upgrade of MULTIEYEpro/4 systems visit our website.