XBL-Broadcast -Logger

Our XentauriX Broadcast Loggers (XBL) are used for the streaming and recording of TV/radio and video in networks and internet, e.g. for compliance recording, monitoring, information/ongoing education, or IPTV applications. The Silverlight based XBL-Logger generation offers customizable user interfaces with groundbreaking design as well as a number of new features and functionalities. The loggers are HD compatible and process signals such as FBAS, SDI, DVI, DVB-C/S/T, MPEG-TS, ASI + IP, VGA, DVI, HDMI, Radio FM/AM.   



New X-Editor functions for video clip editing

Video clips can be created and edited with the X-Editor and corresponding jog shuttle. The X-Editor has been revised and equipped with numerous new features and functions. 

  • Support of TS data
  • Server-based transcoding with Carbon ProMedia Coder from WMV or TS data
  • Storing clip lists on the server
  • Display of subtitles
  • Writing of subtitles for the exported clips in DXFP format
  • Improvement of usability (timeline with display of absolute time, start directly from website)
  • Preview function for clips before generating them



MPEG-TS signal inputs and TS recording for XBL-Loggers

Our logger systems provide new inputs like X-ASI via BNC or X-ASI IP. With the X-TS recorder upgrade MPEG-TS data may be recorded in addition to the WMV data. Live display, replay and editing of clips may be carried out in the XBL-Player or the X-Editor in WMV format. The video clips may also be exported as TS file. 



XBL Logger for Police

In February 2012 a 4-channel XBL-Broadcast Logger was installed for a Police division in the United Arab Emirates, as video, information and analysis system. The mobile teams of the media division – equipped with special cars and cameras – departs immediately for public or important news and transmits the local operations via satellite in TV quality to the headquarters. Live display, recording and analysis happen centrally in the XBL-Broadcast Logger System. The director of operations may follow the operations live and/or time-shifted, recordings are being analyzed and video clips are created for other media agencies and internal reporting. As the XBL user interface is compatible with all standard browsers, the system is also used by superior authorities. 



XBL-Logger available as Cloud-TV Service 

Our Cloud-TV service is available to customers who want TV channels of their choice broadcasted via internet. A query of customer-specific TV stations or video live streams may be accessed live or as recorded stream. The Cloud-TV service processes TV signals which can be received via ASTRA or Hot Bird as well as TV/video signals which are locally processed by our systems. For TV monitoring purposes the Cloud-TV service comes with a standard bouquet of 23 TV stations with non-stop loop recording for 90 days, including EPG data, subtitles and search functions. Programs will not be missed, will be streamed band-width dependent and can be edited with a few clicks and then downloaded as a clip. Thanks to the customizable Silverlight based interface, customers may arrange their personal user interface, functions and design are adaptable according to the user and application. For further information go here 






Newsletter XentauriX March 2012