Major contract for artec in Qatar

As work - proof control a MULTIEYE Desktop Logger system is inserted with a national press agency in Qatar. Equipped with 32 channels and a non removable disk capacity of 18TB the system monitors the activities of coworkers, who handle confidentially relevant information. The Logger system records monitor contents in the MJPEG format via network, as if a camera would be placed before the monitor. The Desktop Logger functionality is available as software module and can be used additionally to MULTIEYE recorders. Under the aspect „confidence is good - control is better “the MULTIEYE Logger functionality is installed more often in sensitive work and production work processes.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition

An additional module for the video safety solution MULTIEYE now incorporate number plate recognition.  Number plate recognition is possible with analogue and IP cameras. The recognized pictures are stored as separate Snapshots, edge data such as license number and period will be secured in the internal SQL data base. Optionally the recognized license numbers can be handed over to the DATA log interface of MULTIEYE and be stored with additional data in the video data. Moreover there is an extensive possibility for the search, analysis and the representation of the associated video. A signal word (here license number) alerting by email is also possible.

In combination with the DATA log interface, various possibilities result as for example the automatic recording in the case of recognized license numbers, an automatic barrier opening in the case of recognized license numbers and starting of external programs and messages by ICQ.

New at artec – the IQeye 4 series

The IQeye 4 Series delivers IQeye quality IP video in a compact, affordable, sturdy die-cast metal package. Available from VGA to 2.0 Megapixels, the IQeye 4 Series offers high-speed video in a simple, easy to install

package. It is 100% Power-over-Ethernet making installation quick and easy and uses a single Cat 5 cable for video, power and remote configuration.

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