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artec technologies will conduct a special promotion for the introduction of the Software upgrade to the MULTIEYE-HYBRID/NET Software version 2.2 until the 30th September 2009.

The upgrade, available as from 22nd August 2009, offers an improved handling and performance and a variety of new features e.g. H.264 support for diverse cameras, integration of the 360° panomorph lense from ImmerVision, usage of IO’s of Axis and IQInvision cameras, support of the S.M.A.R.T feature and round about 90 new and or improved camera profiles, among others Basler, JVC, Sanyo, smc.

Order a minimum of 15 Software upgrades (also cumulated) until the end of the campaign and receive a credit note of 100.00 Euro

MSRP: 179.00 Euro  article no.: 812101


artec cooperates with Saven Hitech in Skandinavia

artec technologies AG from Germany, manufacturer of high-class Soft- and Hardware solutions for video surveillance, intensifies its sales activities in Sweden and Norway with the cooperation with Saven Hitech.

The main business segments of Saven Hitech are the manufacturing of server and video surveillance recorder and also the distribution of a large assortment of hard- and software, recorder and surveillance cameras, to offer a complete package incl. service and support. Branch offices at four locations in Sweden and Norway and also a tight net of resellers guarantees a high availability and competent contact partners on site.

„The quality, ease of use and the level of awareness of MULTIEYE products plus the concentration on high-class software solutions of artec technologies are the essentials for a cooperation. Togehter with artec technologies we will continue our growth strategy in the field of video surveillance in Sweden and Norway.“ explained Bo Holmgren Managing Director, Saven Hitech.

„With our new ditribution partner Saven Hitech, we managed another step to strengthen our market presence for our products of the MULTIEYE series.  We are convinced that our partnership with Hitech Security, the video surveillance technology business unit within Saven Hitec, will lead to improved and higher quality service and support for MULTIEYE customers in Scandinavia.“  explained  Jens Ringlstetter, VP Sales & Marketing, artec technologies.

Please find more informations about artec technologies at: www.artec.de and about Saven Hitech at: www.savenhitech.se or www.hitechsecurity.se



New Pricelist with immediate effect available

The new pricelist will be valid from first of August 2009 on. It contains various new or upgraded MULTIEYE products and a broader range of distribution products. Changes have been highlighted thru comments to ease the navigation for you. The MULTIEYE product series was completed among others by the upgrade of the HYBRID/NET Software to version 2.2,  Video Management Software VC II in the version 2.2 or IP channel by channel enhancement of the  the MULTIEYE Software. In addition all recorders will be delivered with Intel CPU Q8200 Processor and AIMB-766 Mainboard as standard.

You will find additional ACTi and IQInVision cameras and lenses, the ImmerVision 360° lense and the Protocol Converter Box from Norma Systems.

The prices were reduced. For example for the 4-channel MULTIEYE NET Software (now incl. HD module), MULTIEYE IP-HD module, license plate recognition software ANPR, hard disks, cameras from IQInvision and ACTi.


MULTIEYE Software supports protocol converter box from Norma Systems

artec technologies AG, Germany one of the most innovative manufacturers of digital and hybrid Soft- and Hardware Video Surveillance systems offers with the Software Upgrade MULTIEYE HYBRID/NET an interface to Norma protocol converter box.

The NPC-Box is a data protocol converter, which generates from device-specific transmission protocols e.g. of bank- and cash register a consistent protocol. The box is connected per serial interface with the MULTIEYE Recorder and can therefore be installed with a large number of ATM-,  cash-,  gas station- und access control systems, which were not supported by MULTIEYE directly. Supported systems among others are: ATM’s of IBM/Diebold, Wincor/Nixdorf and NCR and also cash register systems from Scheidt&Bachmann and DresslerWayne. The data will be blended in, recorded and rendered synchroneously in the MULTIEYE Recorder. Through the input of search words, transactions can be searched for directly. With the help of signal words, alarms can be generated or messages being deposed.

NORMA systems, one of the leading supplier in the field of interface adaption for banking- and retail-systems, is pleased about the cooperation with artec technologies AG.  „With the MULTIEYE  Recorder systems, we found a perfect medium, which will be complemented ideally our new protocol converter NPC, to connect all the supervised processes with the respective information.  Among the well proven applications, we would like to realise, together with our new partner, new and innovative solutions. I am sure, that the customers of artec technologies will profit from our renownedly high flexibility and experience within this cooperation in future.“ promises Matthias Skau, Managing Director of NORMA systems.

„The technology, the ease of use and the large number of supported systems did convince us, that this product from NORMA systems is the right choice.“ Jens Ringlstetter, VP Sales & Marketing artec technologies.
Find more informations about artec technologies AG at: www.artec.de and about NORMA systems at: www.norma-systems.de


Successful in-house exhibition with GCO, Belgium

250 installers from Belgium and the border region visited the GCO in-house exhibition

From 25th to 26th of June, the second in-house exhibition of GCO, distribution partner of artec technologies since 2008, took place in Wevelgem, Belgium. Around 250 qualified visitors from Belgium and the Netherlands were presented a wide variety of security products by representatives of the manufacturer and also of GCO in the newly designed „GCO Security Village“ in a very attractive and professional atmosphere. „From artec technologies point of view, it was an extremely successful 2-day event, where we could not only show the technical advantages of the MULTIEYE HYBRID/NET software and recorder, but also the first features of the software upgrade which will be available from 22.08.2009. Due to the very positive reception, we will take place at this in-house exhibition in 2010 again.“ annotated Jens Ringlstetter, VP Sales& Marketing at artec.

Find more information about artec technologies visit: www.artec.de
and about GCO at: www.gcosecurity.be


GCO Security Village              GCO Show Room with MULTIEYE Recorder (orange)



Product features introduced:

Bandwidth-optimized remote transmission

The increasing usage of megapixel cameras requires ever larger retrieval bandwidths between recorders and clients. In order to display and play back video streams via DSL or UMTS, it is necessary to recompress the video data. This is done by the MULTIEYE Remote Server – an integral component of the MULTIEYE software. Each client can demand  individual transmission streams (video size, image transmission rate, compression and codec can be adjusted) for each camera so that the client receives optimal video quality for the available bandwidth. A three megapixel camera, for example, with a resolution of 2048 X 1536 pixels can be displayed by a client with a UMTS bandwidth of 220 kbps and a video image size of 320 X 240.

In order to utilize the advantages of megapixel cameras even with limited bandwidths, artec technologies has come up with a bright idea: with the “Hot Zone Megapixel Zoomer”, the user can mark a segment of the video image with the mouse. This marked area is then transferred as a full-sized image and with maximum image quality.

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