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MULTIEYE® SensorLog available now!


Based on the successful MULTIEYE® DataLog module for the connection of different data sources as e.g. POS systems, automated teller machines, access control systems and scanners, the newest product amendment MULTIEYE® SensorLog offers the possibility to use external sensor system applications as e.g. the via:sys alarm sensor plug-in for IQeye and AXIS cameras or the AXIS Cross Line Detection function (further applications on request). The MULTIEYE® HYBRID/NET software from version 2.2 receives information from the SensorLog, which can trigger various actions like alarm images, alarm recordings, alarm notifications by e-mail/SMS, IO activation.

The MULTIEYE® SensorLog license with the item number 810176 is available at all artec technologies AG dealers in whole Europe with immediate effect.


via:sys plug-in supported by MULTIEYE®

From now on the via:sys plug-in for IQInvision cameras with interface to MULTIEYE® is available. The plug-in for IQInvision cameras developed by via:sys features an intelligent movement detection on the camera side. The alarm data, which include a free text as well as the picture coordinates of the generated alarm, are read via the DataLog interface into MULTIEYE®. With freely definable alarm words you can initiate various actions.


With the new MULTIEYE®-HYBRID/NET Release , Version important updates can be brought in. Updates includet are:

  • Windows 7 support for client installations 
  • SensorLog interface to adapt 3rd party video analytics modules 
  • Enhanced VideoCenter II user management 
  • ImmerVision control integrated
  • New handling for client updating
  • New cameras from ACTi, Arecont Vision, AXIS, IQInvision, Panasonic, Sanyo, SMC, Sony, Sunkwang, Vivotek
  • Analog PTZ
  • Language selection integrated 
  • New languages (Spanish and Turkish) 

Winners of our reference contest

Last year we called for a competition to learn from our partners, in which exciting projects our MULTIEYE® systems are used.

Now we are very pleased to announce the winners of the first three prizes. Congratulations to:

  • 1. Place: Alwayssecure, Portugal
                  Project: National Center for the rearing of the Lince Iberico (Iberian lynx)
                  Merchandise voucher worth 1,000 euros for MULTIEYE® Products
  • 2. Place: EWC Security GmbH, Germany
                  Project: Rental Car Center at Dusseldorf Airport
                  Merchandise voucher worth 750.00 euros for MULTIEYE® Products
  • 3. Place: SafeVision / EET, Denmark
                  Project: The largest European branch of IKEA
                  Merchandise voucher worth 500.00 euros for MULTIEYE® Products

All other winners will be notified in writing by us.

Due to the good response we will continue the competition. All references that are send in from now until 30/06/2010 take part and have the chance to win great prices. For more information visit our website:



MULTIEYE® Software supports first AXIS infrared camera and other AXIS camera features

artec technologies AG as one of the first manufacturers of open platform video surveillance software supports the infrared cameras Q1910  and Q1910-E, recently introduced by AXIS Communications.
The infrared cameras allow round-the-clock surveillance, even in most difficult lighting conditions. The camera uses “thermal imaging“ and thereby can recognize human beings, objects and events in complete darkness or in conditions as e.g. smoke, dust or light fog. Additionally the MULTIEYE® SensorLog module can use the camera's sensor system functions for alarm recordings or others.
The profiles for the AXIS Q1910 and Q1910-E are available for MULTIEYE® customers via the free live update with immediate effect.

With the new Realease the AXIS Crossline detection can also be used. In addition the remote-controlled focusing and zoom functions of the camera models P3343 and P3344 (indoor and outdoor) are supported. This eliminates the manual adjustment of focus and zoom on the camera, which makes the installation and maintenance easier and cheaper, and the camera can be used more flexible.

Through the Integration of these features, users of video surveillance software MULTIEYE® can focus and also adjust the focal length of the lens comfortably without calling the AXIS menu.


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