artec technologies AG: International media corporation chooses artec cloud platform for TV analysis

XENTAURIX user-friendly cloud service with it’s new video fingerprinting tool and excellent...

artec technologies AG launches cloud platform for integrated TV and online audience analyses

High-end cloud solution for companies. Documentation, archieving and research of multiple European...

artec technologies AG supplies mobile video technology to the Ministry of the Interior of an EU member state

+ To be used by special forces+ Concentration on complex high-end solutions paying off...

Recorder overview




Channels max.328
Videoinputs analog84
expandable up to32-
IP video inputs14
expandable up to max.24-
Audio inputs max.4/8
Video output FBAS1/21
Max. recording frame rate fps960200
of which analog max. fps480100
Image data processing rate MPixel/s max.1,200/300480/120
Storage TB1/21
expandable to max. TB6-
Analog Software codec MJPEG/MPEG-4yesyes
Analog Hardware codec H.264--
IP video codecs MJPEG, JPG, MPEG-4, H.264yesyes
Alarm inputs/relay outputs optionalinternal/externalexternal
"UVV Kassen" certified versionyes-

MULTIEYE-NET Network Video Recorders

Channels max.32328/16
IP video inputs88/168
expandable up to max.2432-
Audio inputs---
Max. recording frame rate fps960960200/480
Image data processing rate MPixel/s max.1,600/4002,400/6001,200/300
Storage TB1/281/2
expandable up to max. TB6via NAS4
IP video codecs MJPEG, JPG, MPEG-4, H.264yesyesyes
Alarm inputs/relay outputsexternalexternalexternal
"UVV Kassen" certified versionyesyes-