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MULTIEYE PeopleCounter

With the MULTIEYE PeopleCounter artec technologies offer an easy to install, user-friendly, cost-efficient and scalable solution for counting people/objects.

Intelligent object recognition and 3D video analysis

Technical equipment and staff in retail / in stores can be deployed more efficiently by using 3D video analysis technology and reacting flexible to results of object recognition and intelligent event detection.

System description

The MULTIEYE PeopleCounter is a stand-alone solution but also usable in connection with a new or already existing MULTIEYE video surveillance system. Even already existing ceiling cameras may be used.
Customers who walk through the defined sensor area or objects like vehicles are registered irrespective of their direction. The data is stored in the PeopleCounter database and are available for user-specific analysis.

Your advantages

•    Camera-independent: Flexibility in the selection reduces costs
•    Interfaces: Integration cash, ATM, scanner and other system data viy the MULTIEYE DataLog module
•    Software-based network application: Remote control
•    Real-time operations: Fast access to the latest data, OBCD interface available
•    Remote administration: Reduced maintenance cost
•    Universal registration in all directions: Simultaneous multipath counting of people upon entering / leaving
•    Up to 10 independent counting areas per camera
•    Can be embedded into existing systems: No new investment

Why count people in retail?

The know-how about customer frequency / flow of customers offers the possibility to increase the company’s turnover and lower costs:
•    Optimization of opening hours
•    Customer-oriented satff planning
•    Analysis of sales campaigns and promotions

Easiest data collection for statistics

•    Export of collected data e.g. in Excel
•    Create individual analyses according to your needs like to-the-minute number of visitors or average turnover per visitor
•    OBCD interface for creating individual analyses