artec technologies AG: International media corporation chooses artec cloud platform for TV analysis

XENTAURIX user-friendly cloud service with it’s new video fingerprinting tool and excellent...

artec technologies AG launches cloud platform for integrated TV and online audience analyses

+ Real-time analysis of initially 300 European TV stations+ Analytical feedback from social media+...

artec technologies AG supplies mobile video technology to the Ministry of the Interior of an EU member state

+ To be used by special forces+ Concentration on complex high-end solutions paying off...


21.08.2014 / global, Newsletter

artec Newsletter July 2014

Security 2014/Essen, Privacy-protected Video Surveillance MULTIEYE Hospital Bern/Switzerland, MULTIEYE and Video Analysis, MULTIEYE App for Android-based Smartphones/Tablets, Online Shop + MYEYE Products, Emergency Operations...

06.12.2013 / security solutions, Newsletter

Newsletter MULTIEYE December 2013

New Employee, New SmartWatch and GreenWatch Recorder Generation, Big HD-IP Video Surveillance System in Northern Germany, The MULTIEYE EventManager Module, Thermal Cameras with Integrated Video Analysis, MULTIEYE Workshops 2014

16.07.2013 / Newsletter, streaming media

XENTAURIX Newsletter 2/2013

New software features, application in cosmonautics, TV audience ratings analytics, modernization of the 200-channel XBL-Logger system at QNA/Qatar, news on IBC 2013

19.03.2013 / Newsletter, streaming media

XentauriX Newsletter 1/2013

New product generation, new XBL-Logger solutions and referrals, discontinuation of service for XBL software up to version 4.5.9

06.12.2012 / security solutions, Newsletter

MULTIEYE Newsletter December 2012

New Smart- and GreenWatch recorders, new pricelists, products in distribution, marketing, introducing VideoCenter III

18.09.2012 / security solutions, Newsletter

MULTIEYE Newsletter Security Essen

other topics: MULTIEYE version 2.4.1, VideoCenter III, SmartWatch and GreenWatch recorders

30.08.2012 / Newsletter, streaming media

Newsletter XentauriX August 2012

Invitation IBC 2012, XentauriX Silverlight Edition, TS recording and TV rating analyzer

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